Friday, March 16, 2012


This young femulator was a bridesmaid for a womanless wedding fundraiser at his church.

Visit this page on Tumblr for more photos of the pretty young bridesmaid.

(I wish there were photos of the rest of the wedding party!)


  1. She is a cutie, My trans-dar that we are not feeling with a civilian!!!!

    Sounds like a Sarah Thomas novellte, Mom and sis turned me into a girl!!!!!!!

  2. What a lucky boy you are. You looked wonderful. When I was 8, my family's church had a womanless wedding. On the day of the show, mom came into my bedroom and asked me if I'd do her and dad a big favor: be the flower girl in the show. It seemed as though in less than fifteen minutes I was wearing a very early 1960s style flower girl dress and petticaot. Mom was putting lipstick on me and laughing that perhaps they should find a boy to be their flower girl who'd look more like a boy. I blushed, but inside I loved the feeling swirling around. Little did I know it, but I was hooked.

  3. Well! She certainly has an attitude......................and the dress to match!


    The single best array of boys as gurls at a womanless wedding in, of all places, Rains, Texas in 2009

  5. Why are bridesmaid's dresses so ugly? :) Even this hottie can't pull it off...