Saturday, March 3, 2012

How High?!

Have you noticed how high heels are getting higher?

I am not one to shy away from high heels. Typically, 3 or 4-inch heels adorn my feet.

Last year, I joined ShoeDazzle, which is a book-of-the-month club for shoes. Since I joined, most of their heels have hovered around the 4-inch mark, but as spring approached, I noticed that their heels were getting higher.

On March 1st, I received an e-mail (like I do the first of every month) revealing my ShoeDazzle selections for March. I was taken aback by the heel height of some of the selections, particularly the shoe named "Privy" (see photo) with its 5.5-inch heel.

ShoeDazzle notes that "measurements are approximate and may vary by size." The larger the shoe size, the higher the heel, which means in my size (the largest that ShoeDazzle offers), Privy's heel is probably 7 inches or more!

I cannot imagine walking in shoes with a 7-inch heel, but I am tempted to order the shoe just to see how really high it is.


  1. ALso consider that there is a platform under the shoe too. In the picture it looks like the platform is close to 2 inches. SO if you're normally 6'3" in heels now you'd be 6'5". Which is why I avoit anything with a platform bigget than about 1/2 inch.

  2. Anonymous --- If the heel tops out at 7 inches like I guessed, I would top out at 6'9" wearing them!

  3. I can't imagine wearing these either. I've always viewed these almost exclusively as part of costumes or for kink purposes only!

  4. I'm 5'7" and I wear heels with no platform soles. I'm not as tall as many CDers but men like the way I look.

    I would wear these heels, but only behind closed doors because they do have a kinky value.

  5. You are right, Stana. It's good to see that femulization has not hampered your math skills. You wouldn't happen to be a Stana-stition, would you? It's basic geometry, really. A 5.5 inch heel on a size 6 shoe would not look the same on a size 12. The proportions would be so different, and the style of the shoe would be compromised. The height of the platform would have to increase accordingly, as well. Having lived with "one foot on the platform" my whole life, I can attest to (and have tested) this basic principle many times. You can't always judge a shoe by the sample, but, as you say, it doesn't make it any less tempting to give it a try.

    Constance Waverly

  6. Remember, you have to subtract the platform height from the heel height to get the actural heel height. So some of these heels are really about 4" which seems to be the norm these days.
    TTFN, Barb

  7. I own two pairs of 5" heels, but they both have a 1" platform and I have no trouble walking in them. I would think if you are comfortable with a 5" heel, then a 6 - 7" heel with a 2" platform would feel almost the same. Go for it and take pictures while wearing them!

  8. But too high heels are unhealthy, never mind dangerous!

  9. It depends how they measure the heel height. Many measure up the back of the heel, which means that the top of the measurement is above the surface that your heel will actually be on when wearing them. So, a 5.5" heel may actually only increase your height by 5".

    For marketing reasons, it's normal to find that the highest heel (largest size) is the one that the "approximate" measurement is taken from. It's like quoting the best-case gain on an antenna or best case speed on a computer memory.

    I'm 5'11". I have, and wear out at night to mainstream places, heels around 5" to 6". With all of the ones that I have, I've found that the rise from sole to heel is 4", and the platform makes up for the rest so they're virtually the same to wear as 4" heels. Some have soles with a rising curve under the toe that actually allows you to roll your foot forward as you step off, making them easier to walk in than 4" heels without platforms!

  10. Standing only 5'5" tall, I love heels of any height. I actually enjoy the steepness of 4-5 inchers, but sigh with disdain when designers tack on an extra 1.5/2 inches of platform. Don't they realize I PREFER looking up to make eye contact? =)

  11. Maybe to high, but your a$$ looks great. To bad they don't come in 13's

  12. At 6' tall even going out with my typical 3-4" heels raises me up above most people. I too have been looking for simple/clasic beige and black pumps but all that is shown are those with platforms and 5-6" heel heights. At my height, stature and age wearing a shoe that tall would not be appropriate~even by my rather liberal standards.

  13. Humm... GG's are just discover what we have always loved... high heels!
    NNext it will be seams and garter belts {;o)

  14. Some places do speak of the difference in heel height by size - I saw thsi the other day...

    >About This Sexy 6 inch High Heels with Locking Ankle Strap "EL - 8267"
    HIGH HEELS Locking Pump: This full 6 inch High Heel pump is spectacular. Working padlock with velcro closure on inside strap in black patent. If you want to play the game, you got to put up with the pain. Sizes 5 to 14. EL 8267

    >Heel Height on size 11 and 12 are closer to 6.5 inches and sizes 13 and 14 are closer to 7 inches. Smaller sizes run close to 6 inches. These shoes do run small.

    (for the record, I've never tried anything that high - or locking shoes. They just looked so unusual, I had to look further - I'd want airbags to learn to walk in them)