Friday, March 2, 2012

Shooting Yourself


I understand that some transgirls take photos of themselves when they are en femme!

Really! Did you ever hear of such a thing?*

Seriously, I take photos of myself en femme nearly every time I femulate. I do it for two reasons:

1. To feed this blog. (The blog is hungry for photos and it must be fed.)

2. To see if my femulation is good, bad, or in-between. (Photos are more revealing than a mirror.)

Self photography is an art. I probably discard half the self-photos I take because there is something technically wrong with them (usually related to focus, framing and/or lighting).

Having tinkered with self-photography for over 40 years, I could write forever on the topic, but why re-invent the wheel when somebody already invented it.

Jennine Jacob, founder of the Independent Fashion Bloggers, wrote How to Take Gorgeous Self Portraits. She uses the same cameras as I do, so I can attest to the truth of what she wrote. At the end of her post are links to other related posts that you can provide additional help.

Have Fun!

* Which reminds me of a joke: How many transgirls does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is three. One to climb the ladder to change the light bulb, one to steady the ladder, and one to take photos of the event.


  1. As far as I'm concerned, Meg doesn't exist if there's no pictures.

  2. Suddenly See more

    Lift up your head
    Wash off your mascara
    Here take my Kleenex
    Wipe that lipstick away
    Show me your face
    Clean as the morning
    I know things were bad
    But now they're OK

    Thanks so much for the link! I know it will be looked at by me for many tips to our fine art of putting our image to tiny bits! Or is that Bytes....? feed me!

  3. I think Meg makes a perfect point! None of us have had a life of always looking at ourselves and the way others to see us, in the ways that we would like to be seen, thus we make up for it in photographic imagery. I don't have a flickr account because I don't want to be seen.

  4. Having been involved with the fashion world since I was a toddler, as Golden-Boy model, photographer, editor, model-dater, etc., you'd be shocked at the amount of artifice that's involved with fashion photography (every fold taped in place, clothes pinned in the back to look like they're tailored, lighting, styling, and nowadays, photoshop). I have to either laugh or cringe when I see transgenderists try to imitate it. The real talent of the models is looking natural through all that artificiality. As for me, I hated being in front of the camera so much when I was a kid, I can't stand seeing photographs of myself no matter what mode I'm in.

  5. Taking self portrait nicely is an art and takes time to perfect. Especially if you don't have a remote (like in the article) but have to use a self timer. Many of us girls have to perfect that art for obvious reasons and yes, we may not exist if not for those pictures- at least for the vicarious pleasure or reliving the feminine moments we experienced in the past.

    I must respond to "Anonymous'" comment: "I have to either laugh or cringe when I see transgenderists try to imitate it." What does he/she mean by that? Everyone knows that the world of fashion is fake and models don't look like in real life what they look like in pictures (okay, teenage girls don't know that but most of us do) therefore the so called "transgenderists" are not trying to be the models they see in pictures. What I try to do at most is to imitate the poses I see in pictures since those models are portraying a feminine image and those poses definitely help. I don't think it is important for a person taking self portraits to look as perfect as a model- in that case they would get a professional photographer do the job. What is important it capturing the moment so that it can be savored at a later stage.

    "Anonymous" claims to be involved with fashion world since a young age yet his/her comments sound transphobic which is a surprise given most of the fashion world is LGBTQ or an ally!

    I am sure "Anonymous" is aware that world of fashion is a very creative process and it is all about creating an illusion, from makeup to clothes to the walk and from that perspectives the so called "trangenderists" are at the epitome of this art since femulators transform themselves completely through clothes and makeup and take on a persona which is different than their normal existence! So my dear "Anonymous" don't frown at a "transgenderist" next time, instead think of their achievements and how that applies to the fashion world that you claim to know so well....

    ~ Reva