Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Feeling Like a Woman

Aunty Marlena e-mailed me a new batch of womanless events and two of the events were so outstanding in my opinion that I am mentioning them here.

4th Annual Cinderfella Pageant, Deer Park High School, Deer Park, TX.

The femulations are above average and the photography is some of the best I have seen for a womanless event. (I wish all womanless events looked this good!)

2012 Womanless Beauty Pageant, Covington County Hospital, Collins, MS.

Warning: Bearded femulation alert.

Despite a few beards, the femulations are above average and one in particular (see photo) is outstanding.


  1. http://www.kaplantoday.com/view/full_story/12206309/article-Mouton-tired-of-being-called--little--by-classmates?instance=home_news_lead

    Not many pictures, but a good story.

  2. That photo is very good, hair, makeup, dress, lovely. Maybe its me but it seems so insincere to have facial hair while enfemme. Somehow it makes a circus out of it and gives the bigots something to laugh and point at. We have enough problems without giving the wrong people the wrong idea that we are really only a big act. I just don't see the humor or the lack of respect to borderline tgirls who make every effort to be as ladylike as possible.
    I was not there and maybe its all in humor, but I was considering going to one of these events, until now.

  3. Stana, thanks to you and Marlena once again for finding and posting these wonderful and tasteful Womanless images. The men in the black and green gowns at the Hospital event make stunning transformations. I believe they went the whole route as it appears that they went hairl free , nails done and stunning makeovers . I wonder just how many coaches and practice sessions they had?
    I'm envious

  4. Perhaps another for a post or your Womanless Archives?