Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trans Teen Crowned Prom Queen

prom-queen-2011-05-31 The seniors at McFatter Technical High School in Davie, Florida, have elected Andrew Viveros their 2011 prom queen.

“They called my name and I was in total shock,’’ said Andrew, a 17-year-old who was born male but has publicly presented herself as female for the last two years.

Andrew, also known as Andii, plans to someday change her name to Andrea after she transitions. She wanted to run for prom queen in order to show other transgender teens “it gets better.”

Read all about it here and here.

Thank you, Rhonda Williams, for alerting  me about this story.


  1. That definitely brings a much-needed smile to my morning! Kudos to Andii, and kudos to her classmates for being so accepting (and for trusting their eyes - let's face it, she is gorgeous!).

  2. What a lovely outcome! It fills me with hope about people being more accepting of transgendered people when I read articles like this and Andi makes a beautiful Prom Queen to boot!

  3. Michelle SDMay 31, 2011

    Andii is such a lucky girl to have so much support. She is a very pretty young lady. You GO GIRL!

  4. Great story, Stana. I was especially touched by the support Andii received from her friends and family.

  5. AnonymousJune 01, 2011

    Like you Stana, Andii is a young role model. So is her woman principal who encouraged her. With women taking over in education we can only hope to see more examples of things like this. Jaye Anne

  6. Wow. Amazing. I tried to cross-dress in High school and couldn't. Hell in the 6th grade I wore a bra. I got ridiculed and never did it again. I think that is amazing that a guy is dressing like a woman in High School in public. I am envious because I would have done it myself.

  7. I will add I have no interest in having a sex change. But I've wondered if I did how nice it would be to be able to dress in these clothes in public. But, I think I can wear what I want anyways. Just not ready to do it in public a lot yet. I did last night go out in a GAP floral dress to the yard at midnight and sit in a small bench in the yard. Then I walked around the neighborhood, last week in a long skirt and tube top at 10pm. Then I did wear women's underware to work once.