Thursday, May 5, 2011

Inserts Inconclusive

I bought a pair of Dr. Dr. Scholl's “For Her Ball of Foot Cushions" last week and had two occasions to try them out.

On Saturday, I wore pumps with 4-inch stiletto heels for 8 hours. I was on my feet all morning on Saturday and by noon, my feet hurt badly. For the rest of the day, I went barefoot whenever I could.

On Tuesday, I wore pumps with 3-inch chunky heels for 10 hours. I shopped in the morning, but was off my feet most of the afternoon and evening. My feet felt fine until the very end of the day when the toe I stubbed two weeks ago began to ache.

Did the inserts make a difference?

It is hard to say.

You might conclude that....

1. The inserts did not help on Saturday, but did help on Tuesday, or

2. The pumps I wore on Tuesday were more comfortable than the pumps I wore on Saturday, or

3. My activity on Saturday was more stressful on my feet than my activity on Tuesday, or

4. A combination of all of the above.

I think the fourth conclusion might be the correct one. A true test would be to wear the same pair of shoes with and without the inserts for the same period of time, but this is not a scientific experiment and so it goes.

Nonetheless, I do plan to continue to wear the inserts.


  1. Inserts really do help your feet, no matter what kind of shoes you wear. Unfortunately, after a few hours on your feet, especially in heels, your feet will begin to ache. But in my humble opinion, Dr. Scholls are the best for the money ( I speak as one who does wear them for my job as well ).

  2. Except when you wear sandals you can't wear inserts. With the warm weather, I wear 1 1/2" sandals when I go to meetings. By the end of the day my feet hurt because there is no paddling.

  3. Dear Stana,

    I "seem" to have less foot pain when I use Dr. Scholl's inserts. Like you, my perceptions on their effectiveness are not based on a rigid scientific test. Some girls may find the inserts effective, and some not. Dr. Scholl's does make a few different kinds of inserts -- some for closed-toe pumps, some for high-heel sandals, etc. I think the placement of the insert in the shoe is critical. If the inserts are not placed properly in the shoes, their effectiveness may be compromised.



  4. I guess it can't hurt to wear them!