Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Alive!

"Femulate" is this week's "Word of the Week" over at the always informative and entertaining Jessica Who? blog. (Thank you, Jessica!)

Coincidentally, I was Googling something trans-related yesterday and I ended up on a forum where some girls were discussing something or other that was trans-related, and one of the girls used the word "femulate" in her forum posting. She was not referring to this blog, but was using femulate as a verb.

And that was not the first time I have seen the word used in that way.

What have I done?

As Henry Frankenstein once remarked, "It's alive!"


  1. You now are the Steven Colbert of the trans world!!!!!

  2. AnonymousMay 14, 2011

    What have you done? A lot of good for a lot of people!!

    This is not a monster like Frankenstein's, its a force for good.

    Looks like you have lost control of the word 'femulate' though, but I think you should be pretty pleased that others are picking up on it.


    Rachel xx

  3. I cannot believe that the term Femulate has been taken by a feed and grain company for a nutritional supplement to cattle feed.
    At least we now know that you can buy a 50 pound bucket of Femulate for $247. It also seems as if that company is claiming trademark status for Femulate.
    Good luck with that.