Thursday, May 26, 2011

It’s Complicated

IMG_1865_cropped_72dpi Final Fashion Notes

Comfortable heels!

I carried flats to the Hamvention each day, but I never wore them. My black patent mid-heel pumps with white piping were very comfortable. I wore them all day both days, only slipping them off for a few minutes while I took breaks in the back of our booth.

Lasting Nails

Although I took three sets of Kiss brand stick-on nails with me, I only used one pair. I put them on Thursday morning and took them off Saturday night no worse for wear. (I could have kept them on if I had kept on being en femme.) 

In Summary

I had a excellent time attending the Dayton Hamvention en femme last weekend. In addition to enjoying the Hamvention experience, I also received an education and now I understand how men can be "pigs" from a woman's perspective.

I did not have to live as a woman to figure out that men can be pigs. Living as a man amongst men, I discovered that fact a long time ago. Not all men are pigs, of course, but sadly, porkers constitute a lot of the male population.

Being a pig was not a good fit for me. I rejected the pig's life and lived my life my way, that is, the way that came natural to me. Turns out that "my way" was considered a feminine way of life by those who were keeping score. So be it.

During my early explorations out en femme, I avoided encounters with males whenever possible. But as I became more comfortable being out en femme, I began to accept encounters with males whenever they occurred.

Working a booth at an event like the Hamvention where approximately 85% of the attendees are male, it is impossible to avoid encounters with males. (I can count on one hand my encounters with females while working the booth this year and last.) It was a test of fire for this trans booth babe.

I guess I passed the test because now the only males I make a point of avoiding are guys I've known in my past life, who I am not ready to come out to yet. And even then, I probably don't have to avoid them because they will not recognize me as my close encounter with an old friend in the elevator Saturday night proved (I guess I pass in more than one way).

Now that I encounter males without trepidation, I understand how men can be considered "pigs" by the distaff side of the population.

Throughout the weekend, I constantly noticed men checking me out. Some were surreptitious, while most just flat out stared.

At this stage in my life as a woman, I find that flattering and affirming. But I imagine that the ogling can get old after a few encounters like I had with the fellow staring at me nose-to-nose in the elevator Saturday night.

On the other hand, I also encountered "gentlemen" at the Hamvention, who know how to treat a woman with respect --- well at least they treated me with respect. And that works for me!


  1. S. Lisa SmithMay 26, 2011

    What a wonderful time you had!! I love your adventures and only wish I could emulate them!!! :)

  2. AnonymousMay 27, 2011

    Gentlemen treat everyone with respect, not just women. John.