Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Accepted And Treated As A Lady

I attended the Dayton Hamvention this past weekend and I was en femme the whole time. This post describes my weekend picking up where I left off in my previous post.

Friday Evening

I attended the TAPR-AMSAT Dinner.

Fashion Note: Friday evening, I wore my black and white print A-line dress, black tights, black patent mid-heel pumps with white piping, and black and silver disc earrings (see photo).

I glammed up my daytime makeup and I thought I looked very nice. The dinner was at a banquet hall about a half hour drive from our hotel and I rode with two fellows from my group. One of the fellows said that I looked "spiffy."

At the banquet hall, I saved some seats at a table for friends and we were joined by others who claimed the empty seats at our table. Two fellows from Long Island sat next to me and we had enjoyable conversations throughout the evening.

The meal and after-dinner presentations were very good and I had a pleasant evening. It was uneventful because it seemed that I was accepted as a lady and treated as one.

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  1. As always Mme. Ambassador, your friends and admirers here could not wish for a better voice and presence out and about amongst the larger population.

    Hats off to you for mixing your worlds with feminine grace and poise.

    Love the dress too.

    Cheers - Petra