Saturday, May 28, 2011

For A "Good Cause"

Back when I was femulating in the closet, I was always looking for excuses to femulate outside the closet.

Halloween was a given, but that only occurred once a year, so I dreamed up scenarios that might fulfill my desire for public femulation in between October thirty-firsts.

For example, I took a journalism course in college hoping that I could write a first person account about spending a day or two as a co-ed. (Never happened.)

You get the idea.

Amanda sent me this story about a young man who femulated for charity. (What a great idea! I wish I had thought of that.)

I don't know if the young man is a trans sister looking for an excuse to femulate (you be the judge), but I do like his fashion sense and just love his dress!


  1. Aunty MarlenaMay 29, 2011

    Very interesting and great pics, dear. Aunty has noticed that most of the womanless pageants are also for charity, particularly the American Cancer Society as part of local Relay for Life events. One could say these fine femulators are "gurling for good", if only temporarily!