Friday, June 18, 2010

my girdle is killing me... not

Mom, who was my role model wore girdles, so I wore girdles, too.

Truth be told, my first girdles were her girdles. They were "mine" only in a temporary sense; I wore them when I was home alone and returned them to her dresser drawer when my dressing session ended.

She owned a variety of girdle styles and it was wonderful experimenting with them all, but my favorites were the high-waisted, short-legged variety, which is the style I bought for myself when I began buying my own. And it is the style I favored throughout my lady life, until now.

I recently discovered the Spanx line of body-shaping undergarments and its copycats. Avon sells some of the copycats and since I am an Avon representative, I could not resist buying one with my representative discount.

I purchased a high-waisted panty-style body shaper and during my recent trip to Dayton, I wore it instead of my normal girdle and waist cincher combo.

The body-shaper is lighter in weight and more comfortable than the girdle-cincher combo. Its body-shaping capabilities were equal to if not better than the girdle-cincher combo. Since the body-shaper is a smooth, one-piece garment, I was not concerned about revealing any lumps or bumps that the various parts of the girdle-cincher combo sometimes show through my clothes.

"My girdle is killing me," is now a thing of the past. I am sold on these body-shaper undergarments and am adding other styles to my wardrobe.

However, a word of caution: these new body-shapers grip your body like a steel trap, so if you feel the need to attend to mother nature, don't wait until the last minute to visit the ladies' room because slipping out of these body-shapers can be challenging.


  1. Yeah... I really want to get a body shaper. it would help slim down that middle area nicely for me.

    Love your blog. You might like my most recent one documenting the transformation from male to female

  2. This is a little confusing. First you say that "my girdle is killing me" is now a thing of the past, with the new body shapers. Then you say, "these new body shapers grip your body like a steel trap."

    Your body being gripped like a steel trap sounds like it's killing you doesn't it?

  3. NV --- The new body shapers are very tight, but they are painless unlike the old school girdles with their metal and/or plastic stays and underpinnings.

  4. AnonymousJuly 30, 2011

    I wear the old school girdles every day even just relaxing around the house and in truth they are very comfortable. The key is to be fitted and consulted by a professional corsetier in the right kind of make and model girdle and you will love it.

  5. I still wear a pantygirdle over my tights at work , but I must admit I 'm glad to take it off when I get home by that time my tummy is usually complaining.

  6. I used to wear a gidle but my stomach ulcer as flaired up again and the pressure on my stomach makes my ulcer ache . Now I stick to control top hose my ulcer can cope with that.

  7. Spanx can not compare to the classic highwaist boned girdle.Panty girdles with satin or nylon panels to hold you are still the best shapers ever made as well as the most fem. I love wearing a classic girdle and will never wear Spanx.

  8. My husband loves me to wear a pantygirdle and pantyhose , he can't resist touching my bum and tum when I'm wearing one and can't wait for me to take off my skirt so he can hold my girdled stomach while we watch T.v .

    1. Val Andrew U.K.April 07, 2012

      You're Husband reminds me of a man I used to date in the mid 70s , a "belly freak " the only difference been my guy used to be always asking me to take my girdle off he liked the feel of my belly when it was soft and he would be rubbing my belly at every oppertunity , which I put up with for a while as he drove a Jensen lol , but after a bit he used want me to eat stilton cheese which upsets my stomach and he liked to listen to it growl and rebel inside and he would put his ear to my belly he also liked to gaze at my belly button through my tights , weird a real "belly freak"

  9. My wife introduced me to panty girdles several years ago. I love how I look when wearing a high waist long leg panty girdle like the Rago 6210 which is my favorite. About 6 months ago, my wife suggested I try one of the new high waist thigh slimmers which has no boning and is seamless. I bought a Wacoal Try a Little Slenderness high waist thigh slimmer. It is fine for everyday wear and does smooth me out and slim me down. But it is certainly not as firm and slenderizing as my more traditional panty girdles. When I want to look my best for that special occasion, my Rago 6210 is my go to girdle. I will put up with "my girdle is killing me"

  10. AnonymousMay 11, 2016

    I started girdle wearing as a teen a long time ago. It dit not take long to get used to the girdle. "my girdle is killing me", this statement from an old Playtex ad is simply not true.

    A classic girdle, if fitted properly, is not uncomfortable or killing you. It may take a few days even weeks to get used to it. But then it is not uncomfortable at all. I think it is worth the effort.

    I compared a modern Spanx with my good old Rago. It became clear to me very fast. Nothing comes close to classic girdles.

  11. AnonymousJuly 09, 2016

    My wife introduced me to girdles simply because she knew I would love wearing them. I never thought it was humanly possible to feel so wonderful

  12. AnonymousJuly 12, 2016

    OMG. You are a lucky guy. To get so much support from your wife. Which style do you wear? Pantygirdle is a good start, but for me the best style is obg with stockings. Shave your legs and try it. You will like it.

  13. "My Girdle Is Killing Me", that comes from the fact of not getting properly fitted in the right kind of girdle for your body shape and your life style, and going through some form of Girdle training. Once you are properly fitted in the right kind of girdle and you go through a few weeks of daily wearing a girdle a girdle is actually very comfortable to wear, the benefits of being in a vintage girdle is really amazing. I went through a fitting and girdle training as a male to see what it really is like to be girdled, I was pleasantly surprised I feel great my posture is 100 percent improve, my clothes fit better and the support is fantastic I found I have much more energy. I did some research and found there are health benefits to being daily girdled, we as humans stand erect, standing erect actually realistically has a very negative effect on all of us with a combination of gravity and time on our internal organs. The really good news is wearing a decent vintage girdle like Rago 6210 every day will support and hold your internal organs in their normal natural postion sitting standing and just getting around. You will experience having much more energy and confidence.

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  14. I have to agree: My girdle is killing me ... not.

    I remember this old Playtex commercial well. But it is not true. After many years of girdle wearing I can only say that altough I feel my girdle I find it comfortable and like the support. It improves my posture. And my stockings hold perfectly. Much better as with garter belts.
    And my wife supports me as being girdled every day means for her that I care for my shape.

  15. I used to wear my wife's girdle and it was a panty girdle and it felt great and made my butt look good in tight pants. And my wiggle when I walked was precious.

  16. I love wearing panty corselletts & panty girdles

  17. I love wearing panty corselletts and panty girdles

  18. I love wearing my wifes girdle. When she takes it off she usually just gives it to me and I wear it all night till morning. What a nice way to wake up!

  19. LOve wearing panty and open bottom girdles with wife's help keeping me guried up.