Monday, June 21, 2010

why men prefer T-women over G-women

100621 “It is known that most of the bisexual and straight men are mad after transgender people, but why is it so?”

That is the question asked and answered in yesterday’s posting on Dark Q’s Gay Blog.

It is a good read, makes sense, and I recommend that you read it, too.


  1. Actually, I'm learning it is easier to interact with men these days. Why? Women have forgotten the true essence of being female.
    I work really hard to look as attractive as I can.
    In addition, our interaction is about the guy..with NO pressure.
    I'm middle age and guys react well to "old school" women!

  2. It was a fantastic and well written article--Thanks for sharing that!!

  3. AnonymousJune 21, 2010

    Sorry this comment isn't about the subject of the blog post but I don't know where else to ask this.
    Where did the picture of the male bunny come from?Are there more and is there a link?

  4. Deary deary me.

    I have to completely disagree. That article completely trivializes women, trans-folk of all types, and the men it contemplates. In short, the argument is that men are looking for the ersatz feminine stereotype which submits itself to the male eye and submerges its identity in the masculine definition of itself. This is essentially the same kind definition of femininity which leads to the horrors of anti-trans hate crimes all over the world. If such a man finds there is (or even was) a penis at some point in one's past, there is a very credible threat to one health and safety.

    Of course if all you are looking for is a validation of one's effort in developing a passing presentation, then there's plenty of *that* in the article. Since I grew up with the idea that women are not merely meant to be sexual servants to men, I find the assumptions underlying the article to be so offensive that it outweighs *any* benefit it might offer in that direction.

  5. Anonymous --- Sorry, but I don't recall where I found the bunny photo, but I do recall that it was the only one in the hutch.

  6. Men are attracted transwomen as much as they are attracted to biological women. Transwomen are bold, raw and sexually stimulating. A transwoman can evoke the passion of a man like a volcanic eruption.

    A man falls in love with a transwoman for many reasons. Not only is she beautiful and sensual but also a free person thrown away from the strange social norms of the society. Though she may live in rags, her spirit is free and she is prosperous and liberated in love. For a biological woman in India, her partner is chosen by her biological families. But a transwoman is free to choose her partner and may live with him even without a marriage bond. It is an unconditional bond of togetherness bound by love and passion.

    A transwoman's love for a man is voluptuously complete. Some transwomen surrender totally to their men and the men become their masters. At times, a transwoman knows she is exploited, yet for her, he is the anchor in her life. She pours cascades of pure love on him which drives him madly to possess her completely. She believes in her own chastity and loyalty.

    Transwomen are great playmates in bed. Men open up their deepest animal desires and gallop in flames of endless joy with them. Transwomen are explosive. Men are experimental. Together they burn and blow up playing with the Pandora of sexual desires. A man plunges deep into her and she swallows him up to the core.

    A lonely midnight walk by her on a high street does magnetic effect on men. They buzz around her like hungry bees for their carnal satisfactions. She can choose the one who she desires. The remaining bees can fly home and cuddle with their loved ones.

    The uncommonness about her identity is the mystery that men seek. Transwomen are magic and men want more of them. Transwomen are satiating divas, the undisputed queens of loveland.