Friday, June 4, 2010

Do I need a bra?

brashopping I woke up this morning and noticed some minor muscle ache on the sides of my breasts. It was the first time I have ever experienced any aches in those parts of my body and it gave me pause.

Maybe it was due to the way I slept last night. (I wrestled for a comfortable spot between the dogs and cats all night long.)

Maybe it is another sign of old age and I need to wear a bra full-time to support my lady-like breasts. (Won't that be fun!)


  1. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

    well, of course you need a's the most natural feeling to be wearing one...especially as i write this blog....

    1. Yes I agree with your suggestion...With bra women can't survive life now a days and not attractive people. I would recommended wonderbra strapless push up bra you can try this bra..

  2. I dont beleive anyone needs to wear a bra full time. (24 hours a day) However I choose to do just that. I am in a longline bra every day and wear a regular bra every night with a babydoll and panties.It is not a need but completes the nightwear. Would you dress with no makeup?