Tuesday, June 8, 2010

my favorite things

100608 The first item of women's clothing I ever wore were a pair of my mother's nylon stockings. I recall looking in the floor-length mirror mounted on the inside of her closet door and admiring my prepubertal hairless legs believing that they looked just like women's legs!

With my mother's closet door wide open, I noticed the stack of shoe boxes on the closet floor and I suddenly felt motivated to try on a pair of her high heel pumps. I opened a random box and found a pair in a floral fabric with a 3-inch heel. I slipped on the heels and they fit perfectly.

I looked in the mirror and the combination of nylons and high heels was exhilarating! Not only did my legs look like women's legs, but now they looked shapely and sexy, too!

I have been a big fan of high heels ever since. When en femme, I seldom wear anything else on my feet. Unless the occasion absolutely screams for flats, I wear heels.

Once upon a time, I thought that at 6-feet-2, wearing heels would make it more difficult to pass. But I came to the realization that if I can pass at 6-foot-2 wearing flats, then I can pass at 6-foot-6 wearing 4-inch heels.

I love wearing heels. They make my legs look more shapely and more importantly, I feel more feminine, more lady-like wearing heels. Wearing heels makes my femulation complete. I know it’s my late-1950s/early-1960s socialization that makes me feel this way, but that's me and I'm not changing shoe styles at this late date.

Genetic females often compliment me about my proficiency in walking in heels and ask if it was difficult learning how. Truth is that I took to heels like Daisy Duck took to heels.

As a child, my mother often mentioned that I walked on my tiptoes. I assumed that walking on my tiptoes was not the way a male was supposed to walk, but nobody ever taught me the "correct" way to walk. So I took the path of least resistance and continued to walk on my tiptoes.

I believe that my penchant for walking on my tiptoes made walking in high heels a natural thing to do. True or not, from day one, I never had a problem walking in heels.

Heels hurt. I have high heels that begin hurting as soon as I slip them on and I have heels that I can wear all day with little or no pain.
I discovered that the height of the heel is not critical as far as pain is concerned. Some of my most comfortable shoes have 4-inch stiletto heels. Go figure!

Despite the pain, I will never give up wearing heels; you will have to remove my high heels from my cold, dead feet.


  1. Luv it! Have walked on mt tip toes all my life. I think I was 4 or 5 and playing in my Mother's high heels. Luv'd them then and luv them now. My Mother told me I was a natural waking in them, never had a problem.

    At 5' 7" guess I'm lucky and can wear them or flats whenever. Still luv 'em though. Just don't like being taller than my date, looks awkward I think.

  2. Yes! You go girl. Unless it's totally out of fashion, heels are the choice, and the pain be damned.


  3. I personally feel that high heels don't hurt but shoes that don't fit your feet do.

  4. yea it's not the height of the heel (it can be above 5", but who really wears those?), but more the shape. I can't hardly stand to wear pointed toed heels (toes are too big), but if they're open toed I can pretty much wear them all day.

  5. Like you, my socialization in the '50s and '60s made heels de rigeur for me as a cross-dresser. And, yes, heel height has little to do with comfort for me (though I can't imagine going higher than five inches!). Toe shape is far more important--having gravity force your toes into too small a space is excruciating...plus very pointed toes just make large male feet look even bigger!

    I'm a US size 10-1/2 or 11. What's yours?

  6. Dani --- I wear the same size as you!

  7. Then where do buy your heels? I've had amazing good luck finding attractive, inexpensive shoes at Payless and Target.

  8. Stana - I tend to agree with your post. To be honest, I have some "kitten heels" and a pair of flats that hurt my feet. It is the fit, I thought they would be fine but that is not the case.

    Like you, I think heels are a must for the look. I wear heels more often than my wife. I also wear makeup, skirts / dresses and pantyhose more often.


  9. Dani --- Payless and Newport-News are my prime source for shoes.

  10. Tonya --- My wife never wears heels and makeup and seldom wears skirts, dresses, and pantyhose. I try hard to take up the slack.

  11. I love heels but realy love wearing high heeled boots. Is there anything more sexy than a shiney pair of 5 inch high red thigh high boots?