Sunday, June 27, 2010

putting on weight

Back on June 11, I mentioned here that I was going to try to add some heft to my skinny eyelashes and that I purchased an eyelash growth stimulator from Avon to do the job.

For over two weeks, I have been religious about applying the serum each morning and evening. It was difficult to detect any difference because my eyelashes are blond, so yesterday, I took a black mascara to my lashes to see if the serum was doing any good.

It looks like there is some improvement, but it is not overwhelming.

I will continue applying the serum twice a day until it runs out and keep you all updated on my lash progress.


  1. unfortunately, lots of products seem to be snake oil

  2. AnonymousJune 29, 2010

    I asked my dermatologist for some Latisse, and that did in fact make a huge difference on my lashes. Takes about 6 weeks to see noticeable growth and full growth is around 3 months. It's not cheap at around $100 /mo, but found I can stretch it out twice as long by using 1 disposable brush for both eyes since the bottle seems to have plenty of solution in it.