Thursday, March 19, 2009

womanless pageant par excellence

I have received e-mails asking about the photos I used to illustrate my recent posts (specifically here and here) about womanless pageants.

Readers remarked about the quality of the femulation displayed in those photos. For example, Janet wrote, "If these are men they certainly don't look like amateurs. They seem very comfortable en femme. When I search Google, I come up with pictures and stories of men 'goofing around' in women's clothes, not like the ones you've shown. I'd sure like to know more about those gorgeous 'females.'"

The photos I used all came from the same source, which I found via Google searching with various combinations of the words "womanless," "woman-less," "pageant," and "beauty."

The source is the Haleyville (Alabama) City Schools Web site with one Web page documenting the womanless beauty pageant, the "Senior's Cuties Cutest," put on by the senior class of 2007-2008.

View the photos and I am sure they will impress you as they did I with the effort the students put into their femulations. This is not your average collection of guys in gowns; most of the guys are very passable, if not downright pretty.

The guys are dressed to kill in gorgeous properly-sized evening gowns, high heels, jewelry, top notch wigs, and beautiful makeup. There probably is some interesting foundation garments under there too in order to achieve the shape-shifting displayed by some of their girlish figures. And they look like they are really enjoying their time en femme! Do guys normally hug like that?

So, congratulations to the Haleyville Senior Class of 2007-2008 for their excellent femulation!

(By the way, this reminds me of an old Playboy magazine Dink Siegel cartoon in which two farmers hiding behind a boulder observe aliens disembarking from their flying saucer. The aliens are all raven-haired, long-legged, well-endowed, and absolutely gorgeous scantily-clad Amazons. One farmer remarks to the other, "This is nothing--wait till you see the women!")


  1. It's my guess that the high quality is a combination of

    1) Young participants
    2) Peer pressure which can only happen in school
    3) Girls taking pride in dressing up their creations.

    If women want to play dolly and make someone pretty, they can, especially when they are a) competing with other women and b) aren't feminizing a man who they need to be a man.

    Girls competing with girls to dress up boys? Sounds like fun.

    Women dressing up men for the man's pleasure? Not so much.

  2. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to their Senior Class of 2008-2009 "Senior Cuties" (or is it "cutest".) I hope it happens soon!

  3. High quality alterations help was probably also involved. Amazing seamstresses are readily available in The South, especially Florida with the Cuban expatriate population, but an amazing seamstress with an open mind is harder to find.

  4. Laurie --- I am looking forward to this year's class, too!

  5. I love Womenless Beauty Pageants, and this is indeed a good'un. I'd say no more than 5% of them fall into this category, where there is a real sincere effort to look as feminine and realistic as possible. (Often, you'll probably find that the women managing the affair have some expertise in pageant prep or general cosmetology, so they go the extra mile with the young men. There are some others where an effort is made, but falls short due to lack of makeup skills, ad hoc clothing, or cheap halloween wigs. The rest are for the most part grotesque, where the guys look and act as ridiculous and bizarre as possible.

    I often wonder if any of the guys in these things are already closet crossdressers, and how many that aren't find it to be the "triggering" experience for future crossdressing: "Hey, this feels pretty good. This is fun. I want to do this again sometime..."

    There are video clips on YouTube of a recent JUNIOR high WBP in which the kids not only look pretty realistic, but all are wearing rather high heels. (In many pageants, contestants wear flats, slippers, tennies, barefoot, etc.) Thing is, they strut and vamp across the gymnasium floor like they've been walking in heels for years. It means either they were put through a lot of practice, or else there are a lot more secretly crossdressing 12-15 year olds out there than we think.....

  6. Re Anonymous' comments about triggering experience: I found a Myspace page not so long ago (regretfully didn't keep the URL though) from a drag queen who cites winning a Womanless Beauty Pageant as her inspiration for a career.

    Also, I've found some of the most exciting WBPs around combine women who have cosmetology experience with Middle School boys. The combination of youth with beauty experience is pretty amazing. The combination is rare, but when you find it the results are spectacular!

  7. Elizabeth --- A woman who knows her way around makeup can make a dramatic difference when it comes to femulating males.

  8. I agree. These photos are great. There is only a short time in your life that you are this thin and this good looking. I had my chance in the 7th grade. 5 foot 3, 105 lbs, and no acne. I got to be Diamond Lil in the Boy Scout show. This was the yearly funf raiser and every patrol in the troop had to do a Western theme. I got to be the MC as if it was an old west saloon. My mother really got in to it and I loved the entire experience from the Can-Can girl costumes to the high heels, make up,etc. I still take out those pictures now and then to rember agreat time in my life. As I got into high school I remained small but was too afraid to femulate again thinking my obvious love of being not only passable but pretty would be seen by all. Even on Halloween I felt too ashamed to enjoy the experience despite my mother and sisters suggesting it. So you go girls and enjoy the moment .

  9. Anonymous --- When I was a kid, I was so jealous of the boys who went out en femme for Halloween. I am sure my mother would have made me look like a living doll, if I had only asked.

  10. Thanks Staci. I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that. You are right. Your mother probably would have been very helpful if you had only asked. My mother was heavier tham me but the lady next door was almost exactly my size. So my mother took me over to her house and after 2hours of "shopping" through her things we had exactly what I needed. 2 bags of bird seed later,borrowing several wigs from another neighbor and presto; I was set. Despite my fake protests, I know my mother knew I was enjoying the event way too much. She did everything she could to make it a great experience. Mothers seem to just know these things.

  11. Anonymous --- Yes, mother's know.

    My mother knew about my dressing, but she never let on. Once, she said something that made me realize that she knew, but other than that one slip of the tongue, she never said a word.