Friday, March 27, 2009

going vintage

Colleen e-mailed me yesterday to ask what I planned to wear to my support group's banquet tomorrow.

After going back and forth with Patty, my fashion consultant, this week, we decided that I should go vintage.

I have a dress that I bought almost 15 years ago that I have never worn out. The style of the dress invokes Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn in the early 1960s. Why I never wore it out is a story that I will keep to myself, but I am glad that I finally decided to wear it because it is a real knock-out.

When Patty saw it, she thought it won my dress competition hands-down when compared to the other dresses I was considering. Patty suggested my accessories; so I am all set for my big night out and all I have to do now is wait for it.


  1. I wish I could fit into ANYTHING I bought 15 years ago!

  2. Awwwww....

    Your taste in clothing, makeup and accessories is impeccable, so when you ask for my opinion of things, I'm just incredibly flattered!

    I can't WAIT to see pictures of you in this dress and hope that many are taken pre-lip sync (you know before you mellow out for your performance).

    I want to see you in your full glam.

    Of course, I also know I get a sneak peek before the event, so I feel highly privileged :)

    When I do "Feminizing For Me" with my clients/patients who request assistance with their femme selves, YOU are the first vision that comes to mind for me and I use you as my femme-equin (can't exactly call it mannequin now can I). Your form and the grace and elegance you bring into femminizing is what I hope to convey to the individuals I work with.

    Here's to wishing you a FAB evening!

    love you

  3. jeanie --- Thank you!

  4. Laurie --- I carefully watch my weight and have been able to stay within + or - 5 pounds of the same weight I got down to after I lost 40 pounds back in 1970. After I lost the 40, I guess I learned my lesson; I never want to have to lose mass quantities again.

  5. p --- Wow - I am not deserving of all your kind words! Thank you so much!

    I stopped getting mellow in order to perform after you last attended the banquet, so I got very nervous and almost bailed out Saturday night, but I gathered up all my courage and people seemed to enjoy my lipsynching.

    Overall, I had a great time despite the disappearing nail incident (I still haven't found it).

    Thank you for all your support!