Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lenore Aubert, statuesque femme fatale

When I was a kid, channel 5, WNEW, out of NYC always showed Abbott and Costello films midday on Sundays and I often watched them. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein was probably my favorite.

When the USPS delivered the Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein DVD from Blockbuster yesterday, I decided to watch it midday on Sunday (today). I have not seen the film in ages and it was a treat.

During the film, I noticed that Lenore Aubert, who played Dracula's co-conspirator, Dr. Sandra Mornay, was taller than some of the males in the film, so being a follower of tall women, I looked her up and it turns out that she was 5 feet 7-1/2 inches tall.

Rounding her height out to the nearest inch, she is 5 feet 8 in my book, so I added her to my Famous Females of Height list.

That is Ms. Aubert in the photo above early on in the film (click on the photo to magnify it). Don't you love her outfit?


  1. Staci - How can anybody not enjoy Abbot and Costello? I watched them on WGN, channel 9, out of Chicago; like you on Sunday afternoon. Classic comedy!! - Tonya

  2. I recall that A&C were on WPIX (11) in New York. I remember them often being the replacement when the Yankess had a rainout, in addition to the weekly movie. And I never knew they were edited until I grew up and saw some of the same movies on different outlets!

  3. Meg --- You may be right. WNEW, channel 5, probably saw more action at our house than the other NYC independents, but now that I dredge up my memories, WNEW meant cartoons, Sandy Becker, cartoons, Sonny Fox, Wonderama, and more cartoons. WOR, channel 9, was Million Dollar Movie, Joe Franklin, the Mets, and King Kong every Thanksgiving. WPIX, channel 11, meant the hated Yankees, The Bowery Boys/East Side Kids, and Bud and Lou. Thank you for the correction.

  4. I also watched Abbott & Costello movies on WNEW channel 5 & WWOR out if New York. Always a good way to spend the afternoon. We also enjoyed WWOR channel 9 Million Dollar Movie.

  5. I always enjoyed watching Abbott & Costello movies on all the New York independent stations such as WPIX, channel 11, WNEW, channel 5 & Million Dollar Movie on WOR. They also played Officer Joe Bolton & The Three Stooges & Little Rascals.