Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sweet sixteen

Sunday's The Roanoke (VA) Times had a blog about two local high school womanless beauty pageants and mentioned that the two schools "don't compete on the athletic fields -- different divisions, all that. But who's to say they can't compete right here in the field of cyberspace?"

(At the end of the blog, readers could vote for the best beauty pageant.)

Maybe The Roanoke Times blogger is onto something, i.e., high schools competing against each other in womanless beauty pageants.

I can see it now: tryouts to join the womanless team, junior and varsity womanless teams, a full schedule of womanless competitions between high schools with a tiered play-off system to find the state champions.

If the high school womanless team concept becomes popular, colleges and universities will also field womanless teams. Eventually, the NCAA will get involved to find a national champion and give a brand new meaning to the term "Sweet Sixteen."


  1. I guess the school that has the best Womanless Beauty Pageant is the one with the cutest "guys-girls"

    It seems like ever since the Miss America Pageant switched from network television to cable, beauty pageants for women/girls have not been as popular. Now people will PAY though to see a Womanless Beauty Pageant.

  2. Laurie --- Yes, they will pay because it is something different.

  3. I think that the GG girlfriends should be tickled pink over this...! they'll see more positive male emluation... this can only be better.