Wednesday, March 25, 2009

two tall additions

Jayne e-mailed me with two additions to our Famous Females of Height list:

Marti Caine, a UK actress and entertainer, whose height rounds up to 5' 8".

Melina Kanakaredes (right), a US actress, who appears on CSI:NY and is 5' 9" tall.


  1. I noticed that also missing from your list is Julie Strain, B-movie actress and model (though she recently retired to be a full-time mom). She's 6'1"... or as she puts it, "Six foot one and worth the climb."

  2. I don't see Ali Larter (Heroes) in your list anywhere. She's 5'8".

  3. Yet another I've found from the east side of the Pond - spotted in Mad About Your ... Helen Hunt, film actress who is also 5'8". Plus Jamie Luner guested recently in rerun of NCIS that I saw and I noticed she appeared quite tall. Indeed, she is 5'9" (same as me if you round up!) :)

  4. Jayne --- Thank you for two more tall additions. I have just added them to the list.