Monday, November 10, 2008

hit me with your best browser

The popularity of this blog amazes me!

Throughout the summer and early fall, the blog averaged 641 hits per day. When I began writing about my Fantasia Fair experiences, the hit count jumped 65% averaging well over 1000 hits per day.

I expected that number would drop off after I stopped blogging about Fantasia Fair, but on the contrary, the number increased averaging 1127 hits per day! Last Wednesday was an all time high (so far) with an eye-popping 1780 hits.

In the past, the hit count always dropped off on weekends, but not any longer; the last two weekends averaged 1244 hits per day.

During that same time period, the number of repeat visitors has jumped by 50%.

Meanwhile, I discovered that words written here are showing up in other Web places. In the left sidebar, I quote fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg ("Feel like a woman. Wear a dress!"). Below her quote is my retort, "Feel like a woman. Wear a bra!" Those two quotations were recently repeated on the "I Love Fashion" section of the Experience Project Web site.

Also, my "Top 30 Things Every Crossdressing Man Needs In His Wardrobe To Emulate A Woman" has been picked up by other Web sites.

I guess I must be doing something right and I hope I continue to do so, but I do appreciate your input about what I write (and don't write).

Is there any subject I should write more about? Is there any subject I should avoid? Is there anything new you would like me to write about?

I'd love to hear from you!


  1. You have great articles and even better pics. Apparently you boosting my blogs popularity too, as I originally just wrote it for my circle of 9 or 10 friends, and never really advertised in any way, yet I seem to have about 75K hits..

    Stacy, you may feel flattered that you are the only blog outside of my culture that I read..


  2. A lot of of my traffic comes from your blog.

  3. Shoshana and Diana --- I am happy to share the wealth!

  4. It's a testament to your taste in clothes, the strength of your writing and your warm and affable tone. We root for you, We want to wear the clothes the way you experience them. That's how your site reads to me...

    Long time denial dresser--who's letting herself go

  5. Stacy:

    I think your success comes from a good mix of fun, style, politics, etc. topped of with your accessible and gregarious personality.

    I do not know if the following topics would be too serious to tackle but if any one can do it it would be you. Maybe it could be done over time and in short occasional pieces.

    You have mentioned the subject and your thoughts about coming out.

    Another subject dear to all of us is the idea of passing and getting out in the world. Many of your links are devoted to that idea. But maybe there is too much emphasis on this. I have been thinking a lot about this lately. The merits of passing and/or not trying to pass. How many of us are in the closet because there is so much emphasis on passing? If more of us get out, passing or not, it would become a moot point eventually.

    And even though there are some great people that are already doing it, it still seems so many of us are totally uninvolved in the process of trying to change society's views. We complain about the injustices but are not doing enough about it. Maybe there are little things here and there we can do...or at least brainstorm about.

    You could bring up from time to time articles about activities that are still dominated by women. You do already do this when you refer to dancing or Brini Maxwell or modeling and other such things. I loved one of your articles about an artist in Europe that was painting transgender subjects. But maybe there can be room for the more mundane, such as sewing, jewelry-making, belly dancing. I am sure you can think up a lot more things that I can.

    I hope this helps. You probably have thought about all this stuff already...


  6. Michelia --- Thank you for the ideas for future blog postings. I definitely will address these topics in the future.