Saturday, November 29, 2008

all bundled up

On Thanksgiving Day, I went to New York City to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I had a great time, even though there were fewer celebrities in the parade that I recognized than there were last year.

Last year when I wrote about my trip to The City to view the parade, I noted that half the woman I saw "wearing skirts or dresses were also wearing black tights with black patent high heels." This year, the weather was a lot cooler and most women were bundled up to stay warm.

One woman in our group wore an incredibly short skirt, with black tights and black patent heels despite the weather (something I would do), but she was the exception. Most women were dressed appropriately for the weather including Miss USA (pictured here), who looked beautiful. Click on the photo to magnify the image and check out her boots!


  1. Dear Staci, You should have told me in advance taaht you will be in NYC. Had I known I would have come out special to see you and give you a great hug. You don't know what of a good thing you constantly do by updating your blog. I read your blog whenever I can and Ii am always so excited to read your postings.
    you are a life aver to me when it comes to me feminine side.
    Keep up your good work, you are a good girl.


  2. Devory --- Thank you for the kind words. It would have been nice to see you in NYC, but considering the crowd, the logistics might have been a little difficult.