Friday, November 14, 2008

just rewards

I got on the scale this morning (actually, I get on the scale every morning) and I have lost 8 pounds! (Isn't that equivalent to one dress size, more or less?)

Anyway, it was slow going, but I did it (and I plan to lose a few more pounds).

To reward myself, I bought this tweed bouclé jacket and skirt that Spiegel has for sale. Their original price was $79 and $49 respectively; their sale price is $14.99 and $12.99!

How can I resist?


  1. I love boucle!!
    But I don't have one... yet!
    Again... Staci leads the way in good fashion taste...

  2. I know exactly what you mean, when you state "it was slow going", because I went through 16 years of dieting, before I lost all my excess weight. The sad thing was, I wasn't overweight through over-eating, which I will explain about in my blog. I had such a struggle to lose the weight, that I wrote a poem about it, which will also be in a separate blog. I am aware that there are probably differences between men and women's weight issues, such as women trying to lose 'baby weight', is different to a man trying to lose a 'Christmas Pudding belly' for example, but we are all human right?! BTW, if it's any comfort, my eldest sister is also 6 foot 2 inches, but she walks tall and proud! There is no shame in being 'female' and over 6 foot tall, it's only those who are prejudiced, that have a problem with it!

  3. Deborah --- I love bouclé and I have to control myself, otherwise I would buy everything bouclé that I see. In fact, I almost bought this skirt and jacket at full price when I first saw it.

  4. Matilda --- My diet downfall is that I like cookies and breads. Remove those items from my daily intake and weight loss is easier.

    Thank you for the encouraging words about being tall.