Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday musings

(updated below)

I am fairly certain that my ills the past ten days are allergy-related.

I popped a Claritin-D 12-hour allergy pill last night and all my ills disappeared. Eleven hours later, my eyes are starting to water and my head is getting congested again. In an hour, I will pop another Claritin-D and I suspect I will feel great again.


I plan to go to Dress Barn today to arrange an in-store party for my support group.


My eyesight has deteriorated since my last visit to my optometrist over two years ago, so I plan to visit my optometrist today, which is conveniently located next door to Dress Barn, to see if they are on my new insurance plan, and, if so, schedule an appointment.

Last time, I picked out female frames that 99% of the public would never consider female. This time, I want to pick out something more feminine than my last pick.


My favorite source for warpaint, Marlene Klein Cosmetics, seems to be no more. The Web site has a lot of broken links, missing Web pages, missing images, and my e-mails have bounced back. If anyone knows anything about the current status of Marlene Klein Cosmetics, I would appreciate hearing from you.


UPDATE: This morning, I went to Dress Barn in boy mode to make arrangements for an in-store party for my support group. The store manager was enthusiastic and very accommodating. She said we can even have a fashion show during the party (an option I was unaware of).

The party would take place for two hours after the store closes, so we will have the run of the store. Everyone gets a 15% discount.

The store will provide refreshments and we can provide additional refreshments if we wish.

The store is a Dress Barn Woman store, so they do have larger sizes as well as Misses sizes.

I just have to confirm the date with my support group and then proceed with the party.

By the way, the store has some delicious clothing on display and I can't wait to return in girl mode to do some shopping.


  1. pick up some generic antihistamine at your nearby big box. They work just fine

  2. Selene Denise --- I will; thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Netti pots work well to flush allergens from your sinuses, and moisturize your nasal passages as well. Staves off colds, etc.

  4. Swhit --- I had to look up "Netti pots!" Now I know and thanks for the suggestion.

  5. I use Netti pots regularly... very
    natural, and works well.Over the counter anti-histine is good.

  6. My femme glasses came from this place:

    They did a great job based on numbers I provided from buying my last pair of male mode glasses at Costco. The online vendor even got the asymetric O.D. right on me which the mall places always screw up.

  7. Roscoe --- Thank you for the tip. I need to update my prescription, then I can go shopping for feminine frames at