Sunday, May 4, 2008


I love digital cameras! You don't have to deal with film, so you can take photos until the cows come home. And after you milk the cows, you can take photos of the cows, too!

Today, I took 160 photos of moi en femme. Here is one in the new skirt and blouse I bought at JCPenney's on Tuesday.


  1. You are really beautiful! And my three cats asked me to tell you that your CAT is beautiful, too!

  2. OK Girlfriend...
    A few days ago you were elaborating how you never think any guys are watching you (for whatever reason), and now you show up with an extremely attractive outfit, very short & cute skirt, and killer legs!
    Any guy that doesn't turn their head as you walk by has to to be deaf, dumb, and blind!
    Way to go girl!
    I think that your biggest problem now will be that none of your other friends will want to go out with you since you will steal all the attention ;-)

  3. Kathryn - I thank you and Squeaky, cat number 4 of 5, thanks you!

  4. Linda - "steal all the attention" ...well, that's my goal! ;-)

  5. lotsa greenJuly 30, 2011

    This hairstyle does´t do you justice.

    I saw two photos with this hairstyle and unfortunately it pulled you down..

    from a 10 to a 7 I would say.

    It is not just the too light colour, it is also the cut.

    The right hairstyle can save or ruin so much for a lady.

    No matter how great your figure or your choice of clothing, the hairs are as essential as make up.

    But your newer hairstyles are perfect I think, very fitting

  6. Lotsa Green --- I agree 100%.