Friday, May 9, 2008

film femulation alerts

I discovered femulation in two films that I viewed recently.

Watched the 2006 film Gray Matters. It is the story of a woman (played by Heather Graham) who comes to the realization that she is a lesbian. Near the end of the film, her gay friend (played by Alan Cumming) takes her to her first lesbian bar. When they won't let him in because he's male, he goes home and gets into drag so he can still accompany her.

By the way, I checked out Alan Cumming on the Web and Gray Matters is not the first time he has femulated. He also appears occasionally in real life wearing kilts other skirt-like or dress-like garments. Google his image or check out his Web site to see for yourself.

I also watched the 2005 film The World's Fastest Indian. Actually, I missed the beginning of the film and began watching it when the main character (played by Anthony Hopkins) is accompanied by a trans-woman (played by Chris Williams). I don't know what their relationship is because I missed the beginning of the film and she never appears in the film again, but I now have the DVD of the film and will investigate further.


  1. The best femulator I have ever seen in a movie is a short, thin blonde guy named Christopher Morley. He had a pivotal role in the 1974 cop movie, Freebie and the Bean, starring Alan Arkin and James Caan. He continued to do mostly television for the next 20 years. He was so pretty! I'll try and find a photo of him to share.

  2. I am familiar with Christopher Morley. His other big film role was playing the blond femulator in Bachelor Party. He was so pretty that he also appeared in a Playboy photo spread in which he and a woman exchanged clothing.

  3. I would think he must be in his 50s by now.

  4. Assuming he was about 20 when he was in Freebie and the Bean in 1974, then he would be about 54 in 2008. Click here to view an illustrated list of his film and television appearances.

  5. Christopher was a very dear friend of mine many years ago. I too cross dressed on the stage. We worked at La Cage in Hollywood. He helped cut my first pair of hip pads. Hips being something men do not have when it comes to dressing like a woman. Does anyone know what became of Christopher.

  6. Chris is gorgeous - alomost breathtaking.
    Alex Montreal