Friday, May 30, 2008

the feminization of men's fashions marches sashays on

One week ago, I had news about the "murse" (male purse). This week, I have news about the "mirdle" (man girdle).

What's next?

How about a "bro" (male bra) like the Manssiere Kramer tried to market on "The Doorman" episode of Seinfeld?

Maybe Brad Pitt will come out with a line of designer "mrocks" (male frocks) like the one he is wearing here. (By the way, Brad should be wearing a mirdle and an Manssiere to give his mrock a little shape.)

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  1. Well, we women had a part in making this happen. We pushed and pushed for years to reverse the roles and make ourselves more 'manly' in every arena of life and expression. Well guess what fellow ladies, we're reaping what we sowed.