Saturday, May 10, 2008

Christopher Morley

One thing leads to another. My blog entry on Friday resulted in a series of comments initiated by Kathryn Cleve about actor Christopher Morley, who femulated in films, television shows, and even the pages of Playboy during the last half of the last century.

Morley passed and definitely was not a guy in a dress like some of the femulators you see in films and on television. He was thin, pretty, and had one of the best femulated voices I have ever heard.

You can view an illustrated list of his film and television appearances on Jaye Kaye's Transgender Movie Guide. That page includes video clips so you can see for yourself how well he femulated.

(The photo on the right is from the May 1975 issue of Playboy. In that issue, Morley appeared in a series of photos in which he exchanged clothing with a woman. The photo here depicts the results of the clothing exchange.)


  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2008

    I remeber seeing 'Freebie and the Bean', and the crossdresser -- Morley in it. It was so astounding and upsetting to me to see a CDer so readily played in a major movie. It really challenged me.
    And those roles in those days, and some of Morley's parts, played the psychopatheic killer or social deviant who hirt others.
    This doesn't fit the picture of crossdressers today, who have regular roles and jobs... But I apprecoate what Morley has done, neverthess less.

  2. Freebie and the Bean was one of the earliest films I can recall where a crossdresser really passed. Another was Thunderball, but methinks a real woman played the crossdresser in the opening scenes of that film, then a man played the crossdresser in the fight scenes with Bond, James Bond.

  3. Where is Chris now? We were friends at UCLA many years ago and met at the Film School, but I lost track of him. Always gorgeous -- more beautiful than almost any woman.

  4. back when james franco posed for the cover of CANDY Magazine, I came across "Gregory Gorgeous" on Facebook, and have been following ever since. Is georgeos indeed--has her own set of web sites now

  5. Here’s the entire playboy article