Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why the T in LGBT is here to stay

Transgender people are not beggars at the civil rights table set by gay and lesbian activists. They are integral to the struggle for gender freedom for all.


  1. Yes. And it's unfortunate that in all references to GLBT, whether in politics, movies, culture, etc. -- the examples given or people brought up for dicscussion, are practically NEVER T persons!
    They are usually gay or lesbian, but few are Bi or Transgender.
    lots of hypocrisy here...!

  2. I think we're there just to give numbers to the LGB community. It's like the way conservatives let the anti-abortionists tag along -- it gives them enough for a majority which their real base (rich white guys) doesn't.

    I really don't think the LGB community looks at T as equals.