Tuesday, October 9, 2007

long weekend

It was a long and busy weekend and I did not have time to publish a new post here. Dinner with friends on Saturday, family reunion on Sunday, a day at the casino on Monday, and I am almost glad to be back at work today to rest!

No femulating this weekend, but I thought about femulating. And I have decided that the casino would be a great place to femulate in the future. Do a little gambling, shop at the stores in the casino's mall, and dine at one of the array of restaurants at the casino... I think it would be nice day out en femme.


  1. You're probably right -- lots of security, lots of self-absorbed people milling about. I think I have to consider a trip to Atlantic City when I'm a bit more confident in my makeup ability!

  2. It is definitely a secure environment. Yesterday, the casino was swarming with security personnel.