Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween plans

I am still up in the air about wearing a costume to work on Halloween.

Yesterday at work, I overheard some talk about costumes, but I was not sure they were talking about costumes to wear to work or costumes to wear other than work.

If I don't hear something more definitive on Monday, I will ask our receptionist if she is going to wear a costume, then pump her for any information she has regarding costume plans at work. Being the company receptionist, if anyone knows, she will know.

At least I have decided what I will wear if I do wear a costume. I plan to wear prostitute drag, that is, my shortest skirt, highest boots, fishnet hose, leopard top, boa, heavy makeup, big hair, etc.

I'll let you know if I go through with it as soon as I know! And there will be photos; you can count on it.


  1. I'd just caution that even though it's Halloween, there's still "work appropriate" and "not work appropriate" outfits. I'm just worried that you're about to do the equivalent of someone getting sloppy drunk at the company holiday party.

    If you want to do over the top, you can still do that with a longer skirt: think drag queen rather than 'ho.

  2. Thanks for the advice, Lena. I can always do office girl drag and wear the same short skirt and boots I planned to wear for hooker drag!