Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween plans

Tonight is my support group's Halloween party, but I will skip it because it conflicts with the World Series. (I am a die-hard Red Sox fan and their appearance in a World Series is an event I will not miss.)

Halloween is actually a week away, but I have no plans except to pass treats out to the kids that show up at our door.

Mums the word at work about Halloween, so it looks like there will be no company-sanctioned Halloween celebration. I considered going to work in female costume anyway. But I don't think I have the guts to appear in costume without the company's encouragement, although I am sure a few people will appear in costume anyway.

There is still time for someone to cook something up. In past years, the engineers organized a Halloween party. So you never know, but I am not too optimistic at this late date.

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  1. Several years ago, in our small office (close to 10 people) I decided to wear a skirt "in solidarity with the one woman in the office". We used to chat about her being the only female on occasion. We had our monthly pizza lunch on H'ween and I asked the boss if he minded if I do something "halloweeny". He said no, and I declined to say what I planned. H'ween was on a Friday and I changed from my jeans into a long denim skirt + heels and black hose. The admin was wearing an almost identical denim skirt (I knew she had one; I didn't know she'd wear it that day). I showed her in advance and when lunch rolled around I came into the conference room late and there were about 30 people there! No-one EVEN NOTICED I was wearing the skirt - I guess they just thought it was jeans. I sat down at the table opposite the boss and as lunch ended he said "I guess you decided to not do anything" and I said "well, in solidarity with our only woman employee..." and stood up. I was really worried he wouldn't say anything and I'd have to walk back to the office with no explanation!

    It worked out OK. BTW, I was wearing a woman's denim shirt as well; no-one noticed it buttoned up the wrong way!