Tuesday, May 29, 2007

nightmare girls

My spouse and I watched Dream Girls last night. It was excruciating! I can't believe it was considered for the Academy Awards best picture! Jennifer Hudson was good and probably deserved the various awards she won for her role in the film, but I dunno for sure because half way through the film, I asked my spouse if she thought the film was as bad as I thought it was. She agreed and we stopped watching it.

The music was not my cup of tea. I wanted to hear a Motown-like sound. Instead, I heard a Broadway sound, not that there is anything wrong with that. I like show tunes as much as the next guy wearing a sequins dress, but the movie was supposed to be about Detroit music in the 1960s, not NYC. What a disappointment!

On the positive side, Beyoncé Knowles was gorgeous and the retro gowns that the Dream Girls wore in the film were to die for! I will probably fast-forward the second half of the film to catch any other Beyoncé and evening gown highlights.

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