Thursday, May 24, 2007

the crossdresser's diet

Saturday night, while we were deciding what to order for dinner, I mentioned how I eat less when I am en femme.

Jade Catherine chimed in that she also eats less when she is en femme and that her spouse calls it "the Jade Catherine diet."

It turns out that we have different reason for eating less en femme.

Jade Catherine eats less because she wants to maintain her girlish figure.

I eat less because when I am en femme, I usually wear some kind of foundation garment intended to shrink my tummy and waistline. If I eat too much, the foundation garment pressing on my full tummy is very uncomfortable; "my girdle is killing me" like they used to say in the Playtex ads. So, I eat less to avoid discomfort.

Sometimes, in boy mode, I eat less to achieve a slimmer figure in girl mode and have successfully dropped weight with that goal in mind, but I have never gotten down where I would like to be, i.e., thin enough to not need a girdle, waist cincher, or corset.

By the way, Jade Catherine has a great figure and does it without the aid of a girdle, waist cincher, or corset. I'm so jealous!

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