Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jorgensen at the Jorgensen

I am a graduate of the University of Connecticut (UCONN, class of 1973 (yes, I am old!). When I attended UCONN, I was an aspiring writer and considered journalism as an outlet for my writing talent. So, I took a journalism class (and soon discovered that I did not want to be a journalist).

One assignment from my journalism class was to report on a lecture by Christine Jorgensen that the famous trans-woman was presenting at UCONN's Jorgensen Auditorium (no, the auditorium was not named after her).

I was so closeted back then. I feared that if anyone found out that I attended the lecture, I would become a marked man/trans-woman. Nevertheless, I was in awe of Ms. Jorgensen, who was one of my heroines back then, and I attended the lecture, completed my assignment, but I never told anyone about it.

I had buried this experience so well in my memory that I had completely forgotten about it until today when I came across this photo of Ms. Jorgensen on eBay.

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