Friday, December 30, 2022

Regarding My “Christmas Eve Surprise” Post

Regarding my “Christmas Eve Surprise” post, it is a true story until you get to the part where I finally decide to attend my family’s Christmas Eve dinner en femme.

Believe me, I thought about it. When would I have the opportunity to come out to my whole family again? Especially since I believe that the 2022 reunion was a one-time event. But there was no way that I could pull it off with my current health. 

My left knee is worse than ever. Walking is painful even wearing male footwear. Walking in high heels is impossible. To fix the problem, I will have knee replacement surgery at the end of January. So wish me well.

Regarding the fictional part of my “Christmas Eve Surprise” post, it may not be so fictional. Cousin “Jack” is based on a cousin whose father was known to dress pretty on occasion. And I actually witnessed my cousin “Jack” as a tween modeling various discarded dance school recital outfits that had been worn previously by two female cousins. As they say, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, so you never know!

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Pretty femulator
Pretty femulator out and about


  1. Stana, good luck with the surgery. My mom had it done at about your age, and in a couple of months, her "bad knee" was now her "good knee". I recall taking her into the hospital the morning of, and waiting until she was out of anesthesia - it took s long, the east river in NYC, which was visible from the waiting room, changed directions..... (technically, it's not a river, tidal estuary, I think. so direction changes with the tide)

  2. I hope your knee surgery goes well...we all want to see you strutting your sruff in stilettos again soon!

  3. Stana
    I an so sorry to hear that your knee is acting up again. I remember you had a steroid shot and things were looking good. You are smart for getting the knee replacement, many of my peers and I am sure yours too have had this surgery and have had great results.
    The caveat is the recovery period but in the end a great working knee.
    I love this picture of the dance group, it resonates with me, as I looked so much like the tall blonde in the picture and I too just like your uncle was drawn to a pink skating outfit much like this one.

    I also go caught, carelessly leaving the outfit out in my sisters bedroom.

    What were you doing in Natalie's room? Why is this skating dress out?
    "Oh nothing, Oh nothing"
    Well stay out of there!
    (They must have known)

    As for relatives with the same proclivity I suspect my brother may not been a civilian, but that is a topic for another day

    Be well Happy New Year Love Paula G

  4. Good luck on the knee replacement. My wife had one knee done several years ago. It took awhile for her to get acclimated to the mechanics after getting through the pain of recovery. Now she is trying to push out the time for the other knee by recently having new goo injected at the offending site. That seems to help, but she is resigned to the fact she will eventually get the other knee replaced. Again, hope all goes well.

  5. The femulator in the last picture is Sue Delores from the UK.