Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Train of Thought

Funny Dept.

I have been posting Someday Funnies three times per week for awhile now. I enjoy creating the funnies and I think some of them are actually funny! But my funnies seldom receive comments (good or bad) from Femulate readers. Go figure.

Ohio Dept.

I am still thinking about missing Hamvention this year. On the other hand, I sure don’t miss driving 750 miles to get home. 

Next year, I plan to go, but I plan to fly (pretty). I just hope the airline industry is in better shape by then because I heard stories from Hamvention attendees whose flights were cancelled going to or from Dayton.

Fly Dept.

Never flown pretty. In fact, I seldom fly at all. (Last time was in 2005.

But I have flown pretty in my head many times and long ago settled on what I would wear (more or less). Of course a wig, makeup, handbag, jewelry. Comfortable heels... not my usual high heels, but mid-heel or kitten heel pumps. Skinny jeans or leggings and a pretty top... maybe a tunic top. Bra, girdle and thigh-highs.

And so it goes.

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

Jakub Nowak
Jakub Nowak femulating on Polish television’s Do Dzwonka.
You can view this femulation on YouTube.
My Polish is a little rusty, but I believe I figured out the plot of this video. Two boys are curious about what goes on in the girls’ bathroom at school. So they dress another boy as a girl (not very convincingly) and send him into the bathroom to see what’s going on. Some time later, he exits the bathroom after the girls give him a thorough makeover. (If your Polish is better than mine and my guess about the plot is wrong or if you can add any details, please comment below.)


  1. If I might try?

    If we look at the blog as a newspaper, the Someday Funnies are the funnies. We read them, smile, maybe even laugh - and move on.

    Other articles are news, or editorials, if written by you, or opinion pieces, if submitted by the readership. They are more likely to evoke thought, and commentary.

    Both have a place.

    Just a WAG

  2. It is sometimes difficult to comment on your Someday Funnies. A " Ha Ha" seems inadequate, but I'm sure I'm not alone in appreciating them. Please don't stop.

  3. "Skinny jeans or leggings and a pretty top... maybe a tunic top. bra comfortable shoes". That is the way I fly.

    On my last trip to Richmond a few weeks ago (connection in LGA), the gate attendant took my boarding pass and about two steps later ask, so that all in line could hear, "_____ (male name) is that you?". I confirmed with a resolute "YES" and she said "OK". The flight was uneventful otherwise.

  4. Comedy can be tricky inasmuch as knowing how something 'lands' with a audience that's not in the room with you.

    TBH, if you like making them, keep at it, and enjoy the fun of creating.

  5. At least there's consistency across the world with those inane teen sitcom plots! So, should this episode be titled, "Be careful what you wish for?" or "Some guys get all the luck"! I vote emphatically for the second one!!

    It's pretty cool that this girls room has its' own costume shop -- love those sparkly red shoes! If that had been the "teenage me" sent to check out the girls room, that mind-boggled look when I "sashayed" back into the hall would have been swapped for the biggest smile you can imagine.

    All of a sudden I'm reminded of a line Br'er Rabbit delivered in "Song of the South". "Oh no, don't throw me into the briar patch"! In fact, I think that girls room needs further exploration.

    1. AnonymousMay 25, 2022

      Ah, I love the stunned look on his face and the way he just wanders off, with that guy trying to hit on him. If I was that actor, I'd have insisted on a lot of possible costume changes...and hey, why not make this a long story arc?

      This was my dream in high school. To be mobbed by a bunch of pretty girls who forcibly made me over.

    2. Why not a whole new series? Boy with mind boggled can't get "that girl" out of his mind. Well, he can't, because he IS that girl. Eventually he/she decides the femme route is the one to take. The rest of the series has him/her adopted by the girls as they turn him/her into a babe. By the way, the outtakes at the end of the video make me think he might not be a "civilian".

    3. AnonymousMay 27, 2022

      I don't even know if they'd need a whole new series. Just make 'him' a background character. When the main characters are at the mall, you spy him being dragged into a women's clothing store. At the football game, he's with the cheerleaders. At the prom, he's the queen. And that stunned look on his face never leaves him. Maybe a romantic arc with a cute boy. And you're right, I don't think that actor is a civilian. "Now for this episode, we're going to need someone to dress in drag..." ME ME, I mean, I'd do it.

  6. Hey, I comment on your funnies when I think what I have to say is close to as clever as your words. Yesterday, for instance, I thought, "That couldn't be Stana's son because he's not wearing heels", but I didn't think I was clever enough for publication on that one.

    1. Well dearie...that was a good one nice retort..

  7. The important part is that if you enjoy doing them, do them - it's your blog.😉

  8. AnonymousMay 25, 2022

    I do enjoy your funnies, Stana, especially the ones with retro pictures. My three favourites are:

    Two women in the hairdressers. One asks the other: "How long have you been living as a woman?" and the other replies: "Not long enough!"

    The marriage guidance counsellor asking two very attractive and similarly dressed women: "First, which one of you is Mr Marshbanks?"

    And the best one, where one elegantly dressed woman says to the other:"... But frankly, Stanley, you look so convincing that I think you'd really like to be a woman", and the otherr woman thinks: "Bingo!"

    Penny from Edinburgh.

  9. To be honest, I find the father/son[daughter] “funnies” to be horribly cringeworthy. It’s odd to read you rail against drag queens but then have you turn around and produce a panel that almost feels incestuous.

  10. I used to eagerly read the blog of a TG lady that always flew pretty - I don't know if things have changed, but she had much success.