Monday, May 9, 2022

Breasts and Bras

Alison sent me a link to an article about breasts, the variety of their shape and the best and worst bras for each shape.

I was surprised by how many breast shapes there are. Turns out that mine are Full Bottom and accordingly, I should wear a shelf bra, which “is a type of either demi-cup or three-quarter-cup bra that lifts breasts in order to enhance their appearance, shape, and cleavage.” 

If I wear something that would reveal cleavage, I insert a pair of enhancers in each bra cup to give my cleavage a little oomph. But most of the time, I go au naturel.

Note that if you wear falsies and want to use the breast shape article for bra-shopping guidance, go by the shape of your falsies and not your God-given endowments.

And may the falsies be with you.

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  1. I love the segment on conical breasts. The article refers to "vintage bras" rather than use the more popular "bullet bra" description. It also forgets to include the warning, "Don't poke someone's eye out". Ha!

    When I had an issue with a series of high PSA tests a number of years ago, I got a "bonus gift" that most CD/TG ladies would love. The doc prescribed Finasteride, which, combined with my family gynecomastia genes gave me a pair of nice little B-cup breasts. When my "girls" got large enough I started fooling around with the various types of bras. I was amazed with how a little bra engineering caused my "girls" to present differently. A little push here and I have nice "sweater boobs". Another push from the side and bottom and I have surprising cleavage. Give them a little squishing and a conical pad and I have modest "rocket tits"! All of these different looks with my same "girls". Amazing!

    Sadly, or not, my GP had me stop the Finasteride based on two studies that showed this treatment showed no changes or improvements over time, and in some cases a different type cancer appeared -- but my prostate did shrink a bit. The potential cancer the drug was prophylactically protecting me from was such a slow growing one that even if I had it (which I didn't) I would die of old age before it grew into a danger to me. I whined to the doc, "But I wanted to grow C-cups", sort of outing myself. The doc said, "Really"? and I replied positively. He reached out and did a little lift to one of the "girls" and told me mine were pretty enough and I should be glad to have them. Case closed. But at least once every day I tell myself how much I love having my breasts!! What shape will I choose for them today??

  2. AnonymousMay 09, 2022

    That Ad....
    I really like the ad copy you picked for todays blog.
    As a young lad, I was always on the lookout for similar ads while perusing magazines and catalogs.
    I always had a pre-arranged 'excuse' and an alternate page held by on of my other fingers in order to flip to-- just in case I 'got caught' by some adult authority figure....
    Oh, BTW, for those without experience with a 'Bullet Bra', the 'pointy section' is kept filled by a tiny pointy 'falsie'. DONT leave home without 'em!
    Check out 'Secrets in Lace' .com
    AND dont get me started on the models 'open bottom' (not 'panty') girdle....
    'Secrets in Lace'