Monday, May 2, 2022


Saturday, I had about ten attendees for my presentation at the virtual Transgender Lives Conference. 

It was such a beautiful spring day that is was a shame that the conference wasn’t live on the beautiful grounds of the UConn Health Center, its normal live venue, But wait ’til next year – the conference will be live in 2023 as long as the plague doesn’t get out of hand again.

Naturally, I got dressed up for the conference. I just wore a little old something from Calvin Klein that I found in my closet. The good news is that I wore 3.5-inch heels throughout the day and I was none the worse for wear. Therapy, exercise, cherry juice and glucosamine seem to be working and I am now painless most of the time.

I am very happy with my recovery so far. A month ago, I never thought I would walk in heels again. It has been a long road back and now I am looking forward to getting out again and again. 

I am surrounded by museums and art galleries, so I am considering volunteering at one of these venues if they’ll have me. A regular gig en femme would be a dream come true and a great way to do something during my retirement besides hanging  around the house watching Let’s Make a DealThe Price is Right and reruns of The Office.

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company

Audrius Janonis (center) femulates Irūna Puzaraitė on Lithuanian television’s Muzikinė kaukė.
You can view this femulation on YouTube.


  1. Knocked out of the park again with your ensemble! And yes, I really hope you can volunteer at a gallery or something!

  2. Much as I'm tiring of all those shows with a 3-judge panel, I could survive another if it were one of those European drag performance shows. Not the Asian ones with a gaggle of "panelists" that sound more like a flock of Mynah birds! RuPaul could do with some competition.

  3. Stana, I've found being a volunteer usher at some Baltimore theaters a rewarding experience. Even more rewarding is my gig as a docent in one of those theaters. Unlike you, I couldn't pull it off as my female alter-ego, and don't even try. But you could easily do it. So look at docent tasks. It's a great combination of being a tour guide and a teacher. After one of my tours I can still feel the adrenaline and pleasure of the event for hours after the tour. It's fun and very rewarding!

  4. Congrats 🎉 Sweetie 🧁

  5. AnonymousMay 02, 2022

    Aside from all the AM TV blather...
    Wife and I do watch "THE VIEW" every morning on ABC broadcast TV.
    Time well spent.
    Especially when the entire panel of ladies (including the one lone conservative) beats up 'ol TeeRump.