Friday, May 20, 2022

Tami at the Salon

By Tami

I always go to salon or speciality crossdresser makeup service whenever I go out in public en femme. It’s not that I can’t do my makeup, but having someone else do it always produces far better results. Besides that, I love the full feminine experience of being among the girls, being pampered and told that I look pretty as pretty beauticians work their magic and fuss over me.

At first, I was afraid to go to “regular” salons with the genetic girls, so I only went to crossdresser specialists like Katie Wannabe, Le Femme Finishing School, Femme Fever and Feminine Mystique. Sadly, some of those places no longer exist.  

Then I tried a “regular” salon (Donna's Hair Salon in Ewing, NJ) that advertised that they served crossdressers. I got an amazing total transformation there, out in the salon among all the women. I had my wig styled, full makeup applied and long nails attached and painted.  

I made an appointment and was assured there would be no problem, that they had a lot of “gurls” like me as customers. I arrived in drab mode, got dressed in a back room. The owner even helped me dress by tightening the laces on my corset, after which she made me swoon when she said that now I had a figure any woman would die for! 

I was over the moon after being fully dressed in corset, bra, stockings, high heels, wig, jewelry and makeup. I was led over to the nail technician where she attached beautiful long nails and painted them bright red, all the while talking to me about all sorts of subjects that only girls talk about. She treated me as if I was born female and said I was the most feminine customer she had in a long time. She said that males like me, who dress as women, are always more feminine than “regular women” because we go out of our way to be as feminine as possible. 

To me they entire salon experience is simply divine. All the lady customers are usually friendly and some want to talk to me about all sorts of feminine things. I’ve gone to many salons over many years and I’m always looking for a new place to try, to have a new experience and see the different results being feminized by different beauticians.  

Don't wait, girls, the full world of feminine bliss awaits you at a salon/beauty parlor. 

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Harry Ritz
Harry Ritz (right) femulating in the 1937 film On The Avenue.


  1. Neither Harry Ritz NOR Alice Faye look good in this outfit! (lol)

  2. Good story and good for you, Tami. As far as I can tell, we don't have such a service here in Baltimore, or even DC. There are a number of ladies who offer their makeover services at a fairly high cost, but none of them operate out of a salon.

    Over the years I've just figured if I want such a service, I'll have to "bite the bullet", so to speak, and just go out and do it. Fortunately, almost all the places I've gone have treated me quite well, and I always seem to get some compliments, often from other customers. I got lucky with one salon when I got a gay hairdresser (go figure, Ha!). I told him I was a crossdresser and several times he gave me really pretty hairdos and had one of his co-workers do my makeover. I have yet to find a salon that also does nails. For that I just blundered into a nail shop and told them what I wanted. I was treated politely, by pretty much puzzled people.

    After my beloved stylist moved out of town I found it best to be very clear about what I want and to do it in person when I make the appointment. You can tell from their reaction if it's going to work or not. I've now settled on a one-woman stylist (she's a non-op Transwoman, how about that for luck) and MAC artists for the makeup. I use press-on nails, but have the name of a CD/TG-friendly nail shop if I need really good service. Not nearly a setup as convenient as yours, Tami, but if you stay focused, do your homework and don't give a damn about what "bystanders" might think, it will work out very well. I've been doing this one way or another for around 20 years and I haven't run into a judgmental SOB yet!.

    1. AnonymousJune 15, 2022

      I know various good, friendly storefront and home salons, as well as both hair and nail stylists in the Silver Spring area around zip 20904. Makeup artists harder to find (at reasonable price)

  3. Rachel McNeillMay 25, 2022

    As I'm sure I posted elsewhere in another thread, I can't believe that I didn't understand how great a place a lady's spa/salon could be as a young man. These are places filled with young stylists and aestheticians, many of whom are single. A young man getting a facial or pedicure would have been a novelty and generated curiosity, I am sure. A far better place to meet women than bars or clubs. I wish I had known that when I was 25.

    Now when I go, I'm often en femme and still get special attention as a not-quite-elderly femulator trying to hold onto whatever youth might still be lurking in there somewhere.

  4. AnonymousMay 16, 2024

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