Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Someday Funnies: Men at the Salon

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Ted Baker

Six femulators in period costumes.
Six femulators in period costumes.


  1. I got my first post-covid haircut recently. I also had my topper styled. While looking for a stylist who could do hair and wig, I found one who specialises in trans people. It was a nice experience, even though it cost me about four inches of hair.

  2. I fooled around with hot curlers and a wand. The results were better than I thought, but still just a mess of curls. When I decided to go to a pre-pride event a number of years ago I thought I needed more than a "mess" on my head -- plus a makeup job that didn't look like i was done by some kid with crayons. I thought about a strategy to slip into a nearby salon without being seen. But the more I thought about it I said, "What the Hell", and walked to my car and drove over to the salon. I had already had my hair done by "Sam" and told him I was a crossdresser. I scheduled myself for a style and makeup, so off I went. I loved it! I even invited my neighbor to watch "the show" -- she came, and brought another of our neighbors!

    After that I went back to that salon a number of times prior to a pretty night out, or a special event, like The Keystone Conference. I was especially pleased with my Keystone makeover. My lovely hairstyle lasted the full weekend, with the curls gradually loosening and continuing to look great. If the salon hadn't gone out of business I'd still be a regular customer.

    I wish I could include some photos here, but I will send a few on to Stana, in case she decides to do a special blog of us girls' adventures in salons. My most recent salon adventure was to the ULTA store in Towson. MD on April 30. I got a ice curly 'do in their salon and a makeover by their MAC cosmetics artist. I got some nice compliments from some of the ladies t out latest DCATS Soiree'

    Ladies, if you haven't done it, consider a visit to your local MAC store or botique. The artists are very adept at making people look pretty. For a purchase of $60 of MAC cosmetics you get an hour of makeover -- and the actual makeover is free! So I left the store looking lots prettier than when I arrived, and with my MAC lashes and lip makeup items in my purse! I might have gone to the Soiree' and gotten a makeover for $75, but with no extra cosmetics in my purse. Plus, the MAC artists treat us like the ladies we're being that day. I knew I was going to the right place when I got their brochure that has several photos of crossdressers included. My kind of place, and you can make it yours, too!

  3. AnonymousMay 10, 2022

    That pleated skirt....'
    If you have never enjoyed a bright, spring day while wearing a silken pleated skirt, do place same on your 'to do list'.

  4. Rachel McNeillMay 10, 2022

    Mikki, Had I known what salons and day-spas were like, I would have started visiting them when I was in my 20s--if only for my male-side. They're filled with lots of single young women who are interested in looking and feeling their best. What better place for a single young man to spend a Saturday morning?

    Now I go as one of the not-quite-elderly ladies trying to hold on to what's left of her looks.

  5. AnonymousMay 11, 2022

    A pleated skirt like that is the most comfortable item clothing ever invented for either gender