Monday, May 16, 2022

Blue Monday

 Got Those Not-Going-to-Hamvention Blues Again Dept.

If you have been following along here for awhile, you know I usually go to Hamvention in Ohio en femme. I drive the 750 miles to the Dayton area en femme, spend the long weekend at Hamvention en femme and drive home en femme.

Presenting at Hamvention 2018

Due to COVID19, Hamvention was cancelled in 2020 and 2021, so I was very much looking forward to going in 2022. Hamvention is this week, however, I will not be going because of my osteoarthritis. I am done with physical therapy, feel about 90% recovered and I could probably go if I grin and bear it. But it is too late to get a flight at a reasonable price.

And scratch the roadtrip because my osteoarthritis would not be tolerable sitting in the Subaru for 12 hours going and coming. And with gas prices being what they are, I estimate that gas would cost me over $300!

And with COVID19 rising again, I am not so sure that hanging out with 30,000 of my peers in confined quarters is a healthy choice. 

I will really miss the opportunity to present as a woman full-time for a five-day stint. It is usually one of the highlights of my year. Even worse, I will miss seeing all my friends and acquaintances who I normally see at Hamvention.

Guess I will have to wait ’til next year.

Who’s Counting Dept.

I check the blog’s statistics most days and most days, the blog gets 6500 to 7000 hits. But occasionally, the hit count is much higher. Last Thursday, May 5, it was over 10,000 and Thursday, May 12, it was again 10,000.

I cannot account for the higher hit counts. Go figure – I can’t!

Source: WhoWhatWear

Mary and Gordy
Gordy and Mary (full names: Gordy Blanche and Mary Morgan), portrayed by Reiner Kohler (Gordy) and Georg Preuße (Mary), were a well-known German duo in the 1980s, performing on well-known stages as well as in many entertainment shows on television. (Source: Wikipedia.)


  1. AnonymousMay 16, 2022

    Dayton will surely miss “Booth Babe #1” and the winner of “Best Heels in Show” award with if I recall were red stilletoes while the civilians wore crocs. Judges then debated about adding a “best legs” and “ wet t shirt contest”. Stana would pull a hat trick and win all 3 awards. She got a lot of looks when walking to the rest room to freshen up.

  2. I understand, Sweetie. I have a business trip I have been making twice a year - a full week of Julie Time (once the work day is over) and when it didn't happen (2020, 2021) I REALLY missed it. Today I get into my car and drive over to the WA coast - filling the days with work I love doing, and the evenings as the woman I love being.

  3. Watch some videos of Gordy and Mary and you'll see why female impersonation is an order of magnitude better than drag queens. It's so much better when the entertainer can do her own singing! Gordy would occasionally slip into "impersonating" a man, but Mary/Georg was always a lady.

  4. Stana, admit it! The content of FEMULATOR just gets better. It's no wonder you're getting more hits. I think your very recent soliciting of salon stories from us will only increase the hits. We all have stories, and by involving us more, I think you'll attract more readers.

    I can't wait to see what you're going to do when you compile lots of our stories and photos!. I shouldn't be surprised if we give you at least a week's worth of material. And girls, don't let up. Keep your salon stories and photos flowing into Stana's inbox. I can't wait to read about you!

  5. AnonymousMay 16, 2022

    You should go to your convention. Osteoarthritis is degenerating. I have it. Covid is never going away and gas prices are probably here to stay. And there might not be a next year. Have fun now.