Monday, October 4, 2021

Trans Sisters at the Casino

Years before the pandemic, I went to the casino in boy mode for a family birthday party on Labor Day weekend.

The party arrived at the casino at about 1 PM and the festivities began with some pre-dinner gambling. I invested $40 in one slot machine and 30 minutes later, I walked away with $320.

The casino was crowded due to the long holiday weekend and it was difficult finding available slot machines to play. As a result, I did not lose much of my winnings and instead, used them to pick up the dinner tab.

We finished dinner at about 7 PM and it was now “high glam” time in the casino. Everywhere I looked, I saw women dressed to kill in evening gowns, cocktail dresses and their highest heels. 

Among the glamorous women filing into the casino, I also noticed a few boys in evening gowns, cocktail dresses and their highest heels. Some of  “girls” were more glamorous than the girls.

My trans radar is pretty good and I am 99% sure that I detected my sisters en femme. And I am 100% sure about the ones who were using the men’s restroom!

(Thing is that here in Connecticut, “girls” can use the ladies’ room if they area presenting as girls, so go figure.)

Source: Intermix
Wearing Reese

Mauel Blanc
Manuel Blanc femulating in the 2016 French film Where Horses Go to Die.
You can view a music video related to the film’s soundtrack on YouTube.


  1. I have made a trip or two to our local casino as Julie. In fact, it was there that I, for the very first time, ventured into The Ladies Room. I was there with 2 GFs and after a few drinks we all needed to use the facilities. I hesitated, but my Dear Sister Friend/Mama Bear Sarah took me by the arm and marched me straight to the Loo. We used the facilities - no one screamed, the roof didn't cave in, and no one called the Police. It was such a relief - in MANY ways!

  2. There are normally three organized transgender/crossdresser events in Las Vegas. They are Diva Las Vegas (, Wildside and TG Rocktober ( Depending upon their scheduling and the current state of COVID will depend on when they have their events. There are also a number of transwomen (like me) and transmen living here in Las Vegas.

  3. I went twice to the casino on one business trip, but it was Vegas and I didn't see very many fancy-dressed women. So, I stuck with a work dress. I played the slots and enjoyed the ambience and a show. It is an easy environment for femulating, because everyone is glassy-eyed and seems to be more focused on their next bet than anyone around them. So go, and enjoy yourself!

  4. I will never understand why anyone would choose to use the men's facility when they have a choice ~ yuck!

    I recently attended a "Cabaret" show with a straight cis woman and a gay cis man, neither were aware just how many of our trans sisters were also there

  5. Clearly, the Mohicans do not discriminate, having had to taste that treatment for hundreds of years. I haven't gone to Vegas as Mikki, but I sure have taken advantage of the casino nights associated with The Keystone Conference. When I had to go to the rest room, nobody did as much as blink. The same was true for all facilities at the "home" hotel and various restaurants on "Eating Out" night.

  6. What happens in Vegas….

    From the writings in the previous comments… It really makes sense to ‘go enfemme’ in places like Vegas.
    Bargains on ‘package deals’ – air fare, and lodging….

    Its been 21 years and 4 days since my last Vegas run….

  7. I wonder if there were an organized group of girls attending that night from a support group or some organization?

    As for trans radar, my wife and I went car shopping in a few years ago, I happen to know a transgender woman who work there, we had makeovers together from Jamie Austin at the glamour boutique, she went on to transition. My wife, commented what a stunning woman, as she was very tall and stylish. I didn’t say anything,

  8. I saw about a dozen or more sisters in what must have been a group meet-up at my local casino a few years ago. It was a Saturday and they were dressed to impress!