Friday, October 15, 2021

My Flapper Costume

In honor of our favorite holiday later this month, I will repost past Halloween posts on Fridays. The following repost is from October 2009.

I attended a Halloween party last night hosted by Sue Nagle at her Joy of Nails Salon & Spa in Waterbury, Connecticut. There were about 25 trans girls and some of their spouses in attendance. About a third came in costume, as did I. The rest wore little black dresses (costumes, LBDs or little orange dresses were required attire for admittance). There was a ton of food and we had a ton of fun.

Beforehand, I stopped at a local grocery store to buy a dessert for the party. The store was busy with after-work shoppers. One female customer checked me out closely (I figure she was trying to figure out my birth gender), another female customers said “hello” (I figure she thought I was a genetic female), and the high school-aged cashiers seemed bemused and/or amused (they knew).

The costume came together nicely and I received a lot of compliments. The gold sequins tunic was an Avon clearance item that I purchased last year for $20, the fishnets were from Hue*, and the shoes came from eBay. The accessories (beads, headpiece, boa and garter) were from one of those Halloween stores that open up in abandoned storefronts in the strip malls every year.

The shoes were a pair I obtained for a Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume I put together back in 2001. Despite their 3-inch heels and pointy toes, they were very comfortable and I could have worn them forever.

Just a word about the Hue fishnets. I am a big fan of Hue tights, so I decided to try their fishnets. They get my seal of approval because they are the first pair of fishnets that I ever wore that did not tear during their first wearing. It is not that I was more careful than usual; no, I was just as clumsy as usual, but the fishnets held up very nicely.

Anyway Happy Halloween to all of you out there in the blogosphere. And don't eat too much candy!

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Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Harry S. Franklyn
Harry S. Franklyn, 1920’s professional femulator


  1. Dear Stana,

    Great 1920's girl. Knowing that in this era , boobs were out, that is to say in, I think that bras of the epoch were designed especially to flatten the bust. You appear to be appropriately straight up and down

    So normal breast prosthetics AND an appropriate breast binder of smaller forms? The latter I suspect. Tights, sorry panty hose, a bit anachronistic, but stockings and garter belt difficult to find these days.

    How did they manage short skirts in those days? For those old enough to remember the arrival of the miniskirt in the 50's, there were occasionally girls who hadn't made the immediate switch to panty hose, so would, inadvertently, flash stocking tops occasionally.

    I have some retro underwear, but must admit that modern fabrics make for greater comfort, so stockings and a garter belt are less comfortable than hold-ups. But occasionally the feel of the clip on the top of a stocking is fun.


  2. Stana, you could make a hessian bag look good!