Wednesday, October 20, 2021

High School was a Drag

I went to a Catholic high school in the late 1960s. It was as bad as you can imagine, but there were a few trans moments. 

When teen boys began wearing earrings, our principal, Father B, announced that if any male student showed up wearing an earring, he would insist that that student begin attending school wearing a dress.

During our annual “Irish Minstrel,” the basketball team performed a tune on stage while dressed in Roaring Twenties drag. (They were all civilians in my opinion.) However, a couple of guys performed a tune while dressed as a bride and groom. The bride’s “my girdle is killing me” line did not dissuade me that the bride was one of us.

Fast forward 50 years and a high school in Burlington, Vermont, put on a drag show during its homecoming halftime show. Both students and faculty femulated and the ladies were very presentable. (See for yourself on YouTube.)

I could see Father B letting us do that at old Sacred Heart... NOT!

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Delfi Collective Brooklyn

Martin del Rosario, Paolo Ballesteros and Christian Bables femulating at the premiere of the 2019 Filipino film The Panti Sisters.
You can view the film’s trailer on YouTube.


  1. Well my public high school was a little bit different here in the Deep South.

    My Gynecomastia started in Junior High eight grade as the last person to have their voice break in my class.
    In my Junior year, a new Phys Ed teacher arrived and I drew him as my teacher. We used double sided gym shirts for a uniform. Always when we did basketball I would use the reverse side when chosen for the 'Skins' team. (Always hated that class). The teacher told me several times to take off the shirt, but I refused. One day he called me into the vacant office at the end of the period, and said that if I did not take off the shirt the next time he would give me a 'F" for the course. I then said to him in a very loud voice as I took off my shirt and tight undershirt, that I was not going to run up and down the court with these flopping all over: I turned and marched out carrying my clothes .....little did I know that four coaches were just outside waiting to get back to their desks.

    For two weeks i skipped that class but went to the Science Labs were I did prep work or to the Library and reshelved the books as needed, always expecting a call to the Principal's office. The next Tuesday, the head of the department and Coach of the Basketball Team that won the State Championship twice during the my years, came to homeroom, and said that I was to start the next week in his PE class last period and I could keep on going to the library and labs in place of a study period If I so wished.

    The next year the PE teacher did not have his contact extended, the only one. This was in 1969


    1. After reading your story, as well living my own horrid, depressing High School tenure, I believe most survivors (note how I did not state 'graduates') there is a great need for "post High School therapy".
      "All in all,

    2. My gynecomastia was not an issue in high school because my school did not have physical education, so my “girls” were never exposed. However, my natural femininity gave the bullies plenty of ammunition.

  2. Stana

    I never saw this at our high school or others so it must be a USA thing

    I guess being in the AV club we would help stage it and film it and have to beg to participate

    Extra points to those that wore heels and tried to pass and points lost for those being cartoonish

    All good fun if barriers are removed and there is acceptance of all participants and to those that found a new hobby

    “ I came out at half time”