Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Here Comes the Boy Bride

Over the weekend, I came across a copy of the November issue of Reader’s Digest and I was very surprised to see an item in the magazine’s “Life in these United States” section: a cute photo of a young boy and girl crossdressing as a bride and groom. 

The photo illustrated an item titled “He’s a Family Man” submitted by the grandmother of a five-year-old boy, who wrote, “When I asked my five-year-old grandson why he was so anxious to turn six, he replied, ‘So I can finally get married and have kids!’”

I have not read Reader’s Digest in years, so maybe the magazine has become more liberal, but it is one of the last places I would expect to see an image of a crossdressed boy.

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'Little Billy' Rhodes
'Little Billy' Rhodes femulating in the 1926 film Oh, Baby!

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  1. Of course, in Reader's Digest, the cross dresser is the abridged version. :-)