Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Peeing and Posing Pretty

Sitting Pretty Dept.

Reflecting on yesterday’s post about traveling en femme, I thought I would refer you to a couple of older posts about using restrooms while femulating out among the civilians:

Sitting to Pee: Here, There and Everywhere” by Starla Renee Trimm

Sit to Pee” by me 

Both posts contain good advice on the subject.

Watch the Birdie Dept.

Last week, I spent about four hours one day posing for photos wearing different outfits. Usually, I use my iPhone for photos, but I have a Canon digital SLR (DSLR) camera that I thought might result in better quality photos. I don’t use it much because it is a lot easier to use the iPhone, but since I had some time to myself, I took the opportunity to do a photoshoot with the Canon. The result is a slew of new photos that I have been using in the blog the past few days.

I even took a set of photos outdoors wearing the new overcoat and tweed minidress that I bought from JustFab. Mother Nature even provided some snow, so wearing my white go-go boots was so apropos. 

The thing is that my outdoor photoshoot was clearly visible to the neighbors if they chose to look out their windows. Normally, the trees on my property afford plenty of privacy, but the leafless trees of winter reveal everything.

The neighbors with a view have irregular hours. She leaves the house late in the morning and returns whenever. He leaves early in the morning and returns in the evening, but some days he works from home.  

I was too busy doing my makeup to notice if and when he or she left, so I was taking a chance posing outdoors, but I so wanted to do it and I did it. I admit I was a little nervous and the lack of a big smile on my face during the outdoor shots is indicative of that.

It really does not matter much if they saw me ort not. We are not close – just a wave “Hi” if we happen to see each other outdoors. So them seeing me en femme is not a deal breaker assuming that they saw me and figured out it was me.

And so it goes.

Wearing Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Frequent femulator Harvey Korman (center) often donned female finery on television's The Carol Burnett Show and other venues where he appeared. You can view the above femulation on YouTube. 


  1. "...Harvey Korman..."

    That's *Hedley* 😉

  2. In "blazing Saddles" Harvey Kormans character was named Hedley Lamarr, A take on Hedy Lamarr, In the movie the Gov keeps calling him Hedy! and that's where the "that's Hedley" comes into play...

  3. I actually look at the photo of the glittery, boa-wearing trio as a sort of homage to Mary Wilson of the original Supremes who passed away a day ago.

  4. Looking beautiful Stana! I wish the collection of photos I took of myself in various outfits was not one if the things I purged:(