Monday, February 1, 2021

Buttons Jumping Ship

My JustFab coat (and boots) purchase
In December, I purchased a beautiful winter coat from JustFab. It looked good, fit nicely and the sleeves were long enough! I was very happy with my purchase until a button jumped ship as I was trying on the coat for the first time. 

I examined the other buttons on the coat and noticed that they were just hanging by threads, too. So I took out my sewing kit, reattached the fallen button and added threads to the remaining buttons.

Same thing happened to a dress I purchased from Venus last year and a dress I purchased from JustFab last month. 

Out of the box, never worn and the buttons just fall off!

An electric snow shovel I ordered from Amazon arrived yesterday just in time for the big snowstorm. Assembling the shovel was frustrating, as described in my Amazon review.

 “This was very difficult to assemble for a number of reasons. The installation instructions did not match some of the parts. Some of the parts did not fit together properly and/or easily. In one case, I had to use a file to widen a hole for a bolt to fit properly. Two parts broke, but I worked around that problem. Also, there was a part leftover that did not seem to belong anywhere. Assembly essentially was a matter of putting three assemblies together and it should have been a 10 minute task, but because of the problems I encountered, it took over two hours!”

I had a similar experience assembling a floor lamp from Wayfair for my sister a few weeks ago.


Wearing Unique Vintage
Wearing Unique Vintage

Alex Newell femulating on television's Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.
Alex Newell femulating on television's Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.


  1. I've been shopping Venus since finding your posts on here and I really like their clothes. But the first thing I ordered had the same issue - a belt was attached by single strands and came apart on the first wear. That shouldn't be a thing and is unacceptable. It is definitely a downside of ordering online. I am also having similar issues with a product ordered from En Femme. Replacement items were just as bad and I received four different items, which were the last of their kind since they were discontinuing that particular item. It's no wonder if the workmanship is that bad. I get it that things are made to last but should for more than one use! This girl longs for the day of products that last.

  2. I think badly attached buttons are a widespread problem
    I have just bought a simple button up dress
    The first time I wore it a button came off, its gold colour made it easy to find
    I have not seen the same problem with mens shirts