Friday, February 5, 2021


The great thing about being a woman is the power of reinvention. – Sharon Needles

People say I am courageous for doing what I do. 

Maybe yes, maybe no. I sure don’t feel courageous when I present as a woman. Rather, I feel exhilarated that I am no longer pretending to be a man and am living as a woman.

The people I find courageous are the women in our community who do not hide the fact from the public that they were born male and go about living their lives as women part-time or full-time. Some use female names, but some even go by their male names, like today’s Femulator (below). (The latter get extra points on the courage scale in my opinion.)

There are a lot of people who knew me as Stan before they knew me as Stana and in most cases, it made no difference to them. I was still the same person, but with a better fashion sense. So by default, I joined those women who do not hide their male birth origin from the public. 

Today is the fourteenth anniversary of this blog and in honor of that occasion, I am reinventing myself a little bit. Instead of hiding behind a secret identity called “Stana,” I will also go by my male name “Stanley.” 

Ying and yang. 

So, you can call me “Stanley” or you can call me ”Stana” – just don’t call me late for the shoe sale!

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Tom Hulme
Tom Hulme


  1. Congratulations on 14 years blogging. Sue x

  2. Dearest  Stana ,         We have the Innate knowledge we were born with , that gives us the feminine prerogative to reinvent ourselves because we have the female sensibility's that most of society does not understand .

  3. We are sorta speak ,  married to and one with our femininity .

  4. 4 years, congrats. Never a dull moment, though a panic when you said you might quit.

    1. I know you mean 14 years not 4 years; thank you for the congrats, Chris!

  5. i don't know if my latest article about the "red tops" inspired stana's selection for today's femulator pic, but in contrast to the soaraway sun's front page "tran and wife" feature it seems teenage tory transvestite tom hulme is being treated by the gutter press in a somewhat more respectful manner. well that's good to see, despite my view that tom's choice of role model is dubious to say the least (although i always wished i could could wear the witch's blue sunray-pleated skirt suit!):

    thanks to the above, i have also found out that tom and other male thatcher wannabes can now get themselves the whole iron lady caboodle from ebay:

    and as an aside: those not familar with the 1980's uk puppet political satire show "spitting image" might like to know that thatcher (who was no shrinking violet) was usually portrayed as a crossdresser herself - in a manner that made her look like a drag version of one of her ministers michael heseltine:

  6. Your top photo reminds me of Ellen DeGeneress!

  7. Back in the '60's, who remembers that long ago, I knew two girls named Micheal and Kevin. They were sisters. They also had a brother named Kelly.

    They were just ahead of their time. No one was all that worked up about it.

  8. I have shopped in male mode in the women's department but while wearing gender questionable women's wear. Any man who goes full-blown woman's wear as a male has my full respect.

    I was looking at a dress online and came across this review, which I just had to share with all you girls because it falls into the words matter department and because it gave me a knowing chuckle...

    From P. Carmen:
    I love this dress, which was a surprise since I didn't think I would (hubby was persistent and wanted to try it). I'm glad I bought this because it fits so well and the material is so soft and comfortable. Highly recommended!

    Why of course he did! ;)

  9. "We are both lesbians."

    Yes Stana, but you are the Perty ONE!!!......

  10. a lover of beauty.
    The Free Dictionary › Perty
    Perty - definition of Perty by The Free Dictionary

  11. An even Better definition of Stana#

    beauty (redirected from Perty)
    Also found in: Thesaurus, Encyclopedia.
    Related to Perty: petty cash, purty
    beau·ty (byo͞o′tē)
    n. pl. beau·ties
    1. A quality or combination of qualities that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is often associated with properties such as harmony of form or color, proportion, authenticity, and originality.
    2. One that is beautiful, especially a beautiful woman.
    3. A quality or feature that is most effective, gratifying, or telling: The beauty of the venture is that we stand to lose nothing.
    4. An outstanding or conspicuous example: The golf shot was a beauty,

  12. I keep thinking about Tom Hulme. Tom deserves all those "attagirls" for having the courage and initiative to present as a woman. I think back to the time I was Tom's age and about the physical jeopardy I would have been in. I witnessed more than one episode of people jumping out of cars to beat up a drag queen or crossdresser -- I also saw the DC Police do the same thing. There was scant information about crossdressing in the early 1960's and harsh condemnation of us. No wonder I was scared to be Mikki outside my house.

    Now back to what Tom put into my head. I think I'm not the only lady here who thinks, "What if....." If there were the attitudes we see today back then. We were so far away from the internet back then I won't even float that one! Let's just say things are so much better for femulators now.

    What Tom is doing is my dream situation. No, not being a political wonk in England! I'm dreaming about the fact that Tom is presenting as a young woman but being openly a man. I'm one of many ladies who couldn't pass in a million years who yearn to be able to wear dresses all the time. I've already related my story about getting a beautiful hairdo (my hair is long), a makeup job that astounded me and a knockout dress that really showed off my "girls" (yes, I have them thanks to some prostate drugs). I went to see Dorian's Closet, a play about a very good drag queen during the start of the New York vogueing phenomenon. I sashayed by someone I know from Baltimore theater and she said, "Hi Mike"! She didn't take a good look and think about it, she knew it was me instantly. She had never seen Mikki before that night. At that point I stopped fooling myself about passing. But being Mikki or Mike in full female dress and not much caring about whether people perceive me as male or female Is where I am, and I'm good with it.

    Thanks to Tom Hulme for triggering these thoughts. I sincerely hope Tom becomes an MP. I'm looking forward to seeing shots of Parliament with a redheaded crossdresser saying, "Hear, hear!" or objecting while flapping a handful of papers aloft. Good for you, Tom.