Friday, February 19, 2021

Major Events

I love going out en femme among the civilians. Shopping and dining are my typical en femme activities, but I also enjoy going to major events en femme

Attending ham radio and philatelic conventions are major events I attend en femme. (Nothing like femulating 24/7 for three or four days to affirm your femininity.) And I am always looking for other major events to attend.

The photo above of femulators attending Royal Escot* in the U.K. inspires me to attend a major horse race at Saratoga Race Course in upstate New York next summer (pandemic permitting).

* A couple of Femulate readers have actually attended Royal Ascot en femme and have recounted their day at the races here and here.

Wearing Venus
Wearing Venus

Jake Warden
Jake Warden, not to be confused with Jack Warden


  1. Thanks for publishing the wonderful pic of the 'Ascot Gurls'.
    For those of us who have NOT 'gone out' in a group 'enfemme', you are really missing a good time.
    In numbers, there is strength!

  2. if you can't get a clubhouse seat @ saratoga forget it. usually hot and humid including the clubhouse. if you persist aim toward the end of the meet and you might catch a cool day-(been there at least 100 times)-Emily

    1. I have been to Saratoga a few times in boy mode and had a good time in spite of the heat and poor handicapping.

  3. I can't say what it's like to spend a day at the races in Great Britain, but I can assure you that I've gone to the races at Churchill Downs and Keeneland a number of times enfemme with no issues. In fact, it's one of the dressier things a girl can do - at the Downs, the girl with the hat in pink would have fit in well, especially around the Derby. Keeneland is the place you break out your tweed skirts, sweaters, and boots (it's chilly in Kentucky in April and October). Both are scenically delighful and welcoming.

  4. Uhm, "paramedic permitting"? Is there something (or someone) we don't know about, Stana?

  5. As a young crossdresser, going out was always a Holy Grail for me. When I managed to do it, the thrill was high, and faded quickly afterwards. But the first time I went out with my Sister Friends - wow! That was 4 years ago (Galentine's Day at the Casino) and it feels like yesterday. Not only is there safety in numbers - there's more fun, too!

  6. i attend the Baden-Baden Iffezheim horse race events every year. its the equivalent of Ascot in germany, the number 1 horse racing event. i got voted a finalist in the Ladies day hat contest and beamed with pride. simply love it

  7. Dear Stana,

    thank you for re-running my piece on Royal Ascot. Of course nothing to look forward to or indeed to remember of last year. I am slightly relieved as finding the right hat is difficult and more so as less are available as women become scruffier! Please no facinators! The hat is the starting point for your race meeting ensemble, once decided upon, everthing flows from there. Shoes are a big issue. You will need to comfortable and stylish, high heels, not too high, not to pointy, I could go on, get it right! All day wear heel wearing is not something I do often so it is big consideration. The outfit:- not to tight (the first time I wore a cincher and it was murder!) Filmy is the way to go, think comfortable as before. Sounds frumpy but not so if you have a little flair. May I ask you to look at my photo? I believe I was amongst the most stylish on the day!